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What you Need to Know about our Future Beyond the Solar... 5 years ago I interviewed Matthew Stein author of When Technology Fails about the Solar Flare...

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Alex Ansary Interviews Dane Wigington about GeoEngineering on OTB Radio Dane Wigington of joins Alex to discuss the geoengineering of our skies and planet. For those skeptical about this, visit the google news...

Alex Ansary Interviews David Ray Griffin on his 911 Truth (2007)

Alex Ansary caught up with the busy David Ray Griffin during his current speaking tour. His latest book, 'Debunking 911 Dubunking', is a response...

Alex Ansary Interviews Texe Marrs about the New World Order (2005)

Recorded 9/07/05 Alex visited author, radio host, and minister Texe Marrs in Austin, Texas in 2005. Texe provided his insight into the curtain behind the...

Alex Ansary Interviews John Taylor Gatto on the Educational School System (2008) Alex speaks with John Taylor Gatto about his experience teaching in the public governmental school system.  

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