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Alex Ansary Interviews John Major Jenkins about 2012 (2007)

John Major Jenkins shared his perspective on the galactic alignment of December 21st, 2012 and his research into Mayan Cosmology.  This is an excerpt...

Alex Ansary Interviews Nick Begich about Mind Control (2007)

  Nick Begich is an expert on HARRP, mind control, and other aspects of technology currently being used by governments around the world. His website...

Alex Ansary Interviews Dane Wigington about GeoEngineering on OTB Radio Dane Wigington of joins Alex to discuss the geoengineering of our skies and planet. For those skeptical about this, visit the google news...

Jack Pruett on Annunaki’s Grandest Deception (2011)

Alex Ansary interviews Jack Pruett about his book on the Grandest Deception over humankind. From his books description on Amazon: "Over the last 30 years,...

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Alex Comments on the Terminator Style Rise of the Machines Recorded 09/20/09 @ Portland Community Media (Portland Cable Access Television).

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What You Choose to Consume Online is as Important as what... Some new and fresh thoughts on the need to be responsible for what we consume online to protect our minds. We can see clear...


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