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What you Need to Know about our Future Beyond the Solar... 5 years ago I interviewed Matthew Stein author of When Technology Fails about the Solar Flare...

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Alex Ansary Interviews John Taylor Gatto on the Educational School System (2008) Alex speaks with John Taylor Gatto about his experience teaching in the public governmental school system.  

Alex Ansary Interviews Mark Passio (2013)

Alex Ansary speaks with Mark Passio from his home in Philadelphia, PA during the 2013 Free Your Mind Conference. Mark's website is  

Alex Ansary Interviews Dr Robert Duncan about Mind Control (2007) This is an excerpt from OTBTV 93 - Recorded in 2007 in Portland, Oregon, USA. Alex talks with Dr. Robert Duncan, an expert on mind...

Alex Ansary Interviews John Major Jenkins about 2012 (2007)

John Major Jenkins shared his perspective on the galactic alignment of December 21st, 2012 and his research into Mayan Cosmology.  This is an excerpt...

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