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Op-Ed: Spiritual Street Smarts for Today’s Frightening World


We have a million things to fear when we look around us today but when we forget our strength, we fall prey to the energies or entities that wish to enslave us.

It isn’t easy to be on a path that includes warning everyday folks about things like a world war 3.

There is obviously controversy around the subject and many different views on who is good and who is bad with regards to today’s nations states.

It should also be noted that merely mentioning ‘world war 3’, Russia, China, ISIS can result in a youtube video being demonetized.

This is overwhelmingly threatening to our channels while we face the prospect of a global war.

I believe unknown ‘powers that be’ or forces of spiritual destruction and deceit are manufacturing this global conflict.

At this stage we can clearly see the dominos being aligned for war and it is natural now (esp if others question if our world is flat) to ask ourselves truthfully if we even truly UNDERSTAND how these forces of darkness are infecting our reality.

From the awakening to the prison to the awakening within….

I used to tell people that waking up to something like 911 being a inside job is something more spiritual to me than a revolutionary or a violent movement.

Once a human reaches a basic level of awakening that the world is not as it seems, that events are being staged to create a certain outcome, then it can lead to a spiritual awakening when we stumble down particular rabbit holes of TRUTHs.

When we see the eye of Sauron (Lord of Rings reference – akin to Satan or the Demiurge), we may also then tune to the voice of god as we seek aid spiritually from such a powerful foe of evil that has embedded itself within our ruling human systems of government.

From questioning who really is in control of the New World Order to questioning why we incarnated (again possibly) into this matrix of control….

From there we muse upon how we escape this matrix or archon soul prison/dark grid and what must be done on our part in terms of mindful action.

I believe we are here for a reason and there is a spiritual awakening within each of us but it exists on the individual level whereas some focus instead on a collective consciousness. I believe one can be a reality (individual choice) while the other remains a pipe dream for many (collective salvation).

Most of humanity does not appear to be on the path towards self improvement or spiritual growth.

What I am interpreting is rather a incredibly challenging road ahead where it almost seems that we will have to walk on coals in body mind and spirit to survive the challenges we will face and this includes emotional which relates to self control. Some are not so strong and they are offing themselves and taking some down with them.

The news cycle is rich with stories of people that are acting like they have lost control of themselves and thus find themselves on killing sprees, ramming cars through times square or other actions of violence or other harmful actions which can include emotional terrorism.

The internet is also rife with humans misusing this technology to abuse others instead of using it to help others while enlightening themselves to truths that live in the eastern part of the planet, not just the western hemisphere.

We have to be responsible for how we react to the threats of the world to evolve our soul and maybe even survive…

It is clear there are threats. It is also clear there have been past worries we may have been obsessed with about last year or years prior which did not come to manifest.

Some of the things that I do these days more often than ever is spending time in nature, limiting unnecessary time on the internet, and getting lost of sun. I also remind myself of all the worries of the past that took a great deal of time and energy away from me.  From there I can see hundreds of fake predictions past and present that so many others online have been distracted by.

I also consider personal life challenges that I have overcome esp. those in which at the time it may have felt very overwhelming or even punishing. In the end and when the smoke cleared I could see how some things happened to help me grow as a person and adult.

Few of the alternative media influences of my early days remain with me today as I have tuned out those sources of what I now believe to be contaminated by the spirit of deceit.

I seek to keep my energy clean and do not watch those youtube videos in which I don’t like the speaker or the message. I dont want to be angry with someone on video that I don’t agree with. However society appears a 180 degree from my mindset and rather gives a great deal of time and political movement energy directed at those they don’t like. While good members of their movement and community are not even recognized to be around. You can learn a lot from reading the comment section on social media today. This is where I witness this mindset in full strength at this exact moment in time.

Many online trolls today are suffering from untreated mental illness as it’s not natural to develop unhealthy obsessions with media figures online that you don’t like.

In many ways online the downfall of men can be seen with the advent of the male obsessed with the words and actions of another male on youtube. Watch as this develops as you are watching the fracturing of consciousness 2.0.

Like all life, that which the creator gives, the creator can take away…..

I think it’s critical to be grateful each and everyday for the things that we have that we can use to enrich our lives and make the world a better place.

My easy access to internet while off the grid makes this post possible as I strictly use solar panels only to power my computer and satellite.

This was not so easily done 10 years ago. Now video, audio, and written content can be produced in today’s day and age and despite the youtube boycott, there are still ways to earn a living producing independent content and to also receive direct support from the audience.

We have been gifted with the gift of communication. Therefore it is very important that we contemplate seriously on what it is we are communicating to the world and what we are allowing the world to communicate to us.

And that is why this post became a reality.