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Update on my Life, and moving on from Social Media


Alex Ansary -March 18, 2021 – I have been on spiritual retreat away from the internet, continuing to study spiritual literature, the many ideas expressed by the late Philip K. Dick, as well as a return to the specific study of Buddhist principles, practicing various meditations as I backpack around various areas of the state. As the world was being conditioned through circumstance to spend MORE of their time online and in fear, of civilizations collapse with Covid, I choose another way of living and spending my time. The videos and posts are on permanent hiatus so that I can focus on new experiences beyond what I already have as the new solar cycle 25 begins (2021-2025). I quit consuming all forms of social media and internet news as I strive to keep my mind as clear as possible. This incredible period of change ahead may enlighten some souls while others go insane. My ideas of this present and incoming time period of energetic turbulence were expressed in the final uploads on solar flares. This new cycle is one that we have slowly been entering since last year and will see more of this year and into 2022. I do believe the internet is a tool used to manipulate minds and belief systems (on all sides and including many people) so we will continue to various forms of mass manipulation through technology. This was one of many reoccurring subjects that I often discussed alongside a need to exist without relying on it.

For years, I speculated about events after 2020 and always spoke of a desire to be off grid from the need to be online or updated on various things and now I’m offline for longer amounts of time. I am seeking to start anew on some personal life goals and am not taking YouTube, email, or social media along for the ride. I hope that clears up some confusion about the lack of new content. I did previously elude to this upcoming way of life for myself as far back at 10 years ago in the earlier episodes of OTBTV, i.e. a time of moving on from this way of life and not doing this forever. Leaving my cable access show in my hometown was one step that came when it was time. Going off grid in rural America was another step forward. Things end and begin in cycles. Exercise is a more constant focus next to personal spiritual studies. One must empty their cup in order for it to be filled again and sometimes a vow of meditation is needed to see as clearly as possible, free of attachments or delusions either personal or that of the world.

Also, not everything has a conspiratorial explanation while many those things that that do are often ignored. Spiritual understandings are ones to naturally come to realize and experience rather than hearing it from someone else or speaking of it to others. Things happen in our own lives for a reason to teach us something. I have been busy paying attention to the many clues available in this world. We only live once (in these bodies) so let’s diversify what we do, how we communicate, and what we focus because we are all here in this time period for a reason.

I have been renouncing many things (of this fallen world) that range from the the material path to renouncing the idea that it’s my job to express certain ideas or concepts (forever). It is the job of many to do what they can do to make the world a better or more informed society to hopefully see some improvements in this reality and future generations. I know the rest of my job happens to be within, not something uploaded to the mega grid of all that is, the internet.

We all have personal work to do to evolve beyond this realm. It can be taxing to one’s happiness and energy to be persistently talking about world wars, possible dangers, invasions, human tensions, supernatural entities, natural disasters, apocalypse survival, etc. Such obsessions may even attach someone to this world when they conditioned to fear for it (and this civilization). I will not be found staying stuck like a broken record on social media websites (like YouTube and others). I know that many of you will understand my path having shared my ideas on spiritual evolution and the trappings of this world.

Remember, this technology that’s surpassing our humanity was not around or needed as our ancestors survived without it. You may notice others going off grid (from the internet specifically) in order to experience life without it. Throughout time, countless humans reset their focus and way of life. . It has always been in the nature of humankind to move on from ways of living to experience something new. Who knows, maybe one day it will be you as all things change under the Sun, for better or for worse depending on the current level of consciousness being expressed at that very moment. In the end, it’s the individual positive changes we make in our own lives that will get us through this time period and lifetimes, not the life or experiences of another, let alone anyone or anything on the internet.