Solar Flares

What you Need to Know about our Future Beyond the Solar... 5 years ago I interviewed Matthew Stein author of When Technology Fails about the Solar Flare...

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Alex Ansary Interviews Freeman (2007)

Freeman is the host of the Freeman Perspective. His website is This is an excerpt from Outside the Box TV #113. Recorded LIVE 08/09/07...

Alex Ansary Interviews Peter Farley (2007)

Peter Farley shares his perspective on the spiritual dimension and what he thinks is happening to humanity today. His website is This is...

Alex Ansary Interviews Bruce Lipton about Epigenetics (2007)

Recorded LIVE 11/08/07 @ Portland Community Media (Portland Cable Access Television). Bruce talks about his book, 'The Biology of Belief' and the real science behind...

Alex Ansary Interviews George Green (2007)

Recorded LIVE in 2007 @ Portland Community Media (Portland Cable Access Television). George Green talks with Alex about the dangers he seems coming in the...

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