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It is through the Pain, that We can Find the Way Home


(Originally punished on August 28th, 2008)

Nothing in this universe stays the same, and even our own lives appear to be going through cycles, some of them dramatic, just like our world. A deeper level of joy and understanding comes from accepting some of the realities of this dimension and being able to objectively look at all the information without becoming emotionally out of balance or depressed. The real challenge lies in our ability to overcome any feelings of powerlessness or worthlessness and I feel our strength is greater than what we are currently aware of. I suspect we all have much to learn about the other dimensions of strength that are beyond the  realm of the physical.

Those delusions about our collective lack of power come from our culture and world of mass media which is constantly bombarding our subconscious mind with feelings of lack or loss unless we assimilate our behavior, personality, and appearance only to move on to consume a particular product, idea, or belief system. For most members of this “society,” the information about how the global elite is destroying sectors of our planet and our traditional cultures is hard to deal with because it’s traumatizing and upsetting. It rocks their world view about how the power structure is set up. It brings up some of their prized belief systems about not only their leaders, but about themselves and where they are going in their own lives. This pain needs to be looked at instead of disregarded for another pill, drink, smoke, pair of shoes, car, trip, movie, etc. Without this internal alarm system, how would we even know that something is wrong in the body? How would we know that the stove that we accidentally just put our hand on is burning the skin on our palm? We wouldn’t. Pain is the very thing that can shock people into making a change in the world. If we numb our instincts and overly mechanize our actions and feelings, aren’t we becoming less human and more robotic? By being more aware of our feelings and warning systems in the body, we have a greater chance of surviving the modern urban jungle, present day Babylon.

We live in a country of abundance and overindulgence. The challenge is getting the monkey off our back and in this case, the addiction to constantly feeling good all of the time. We are living in the age where material wealth and your ability to get what you want – when you want it appears to some people to be a reflection of someone attaining a high level of spiritually based upon their ability to manifest things for themselves and their ability to smile ear to ear at the spa while bombs are dropping on villages somewhere else. It comes down to an obsession with the self, particularly a deep attachment to physical pleasure. At times, it reminds me of the controlled scientific experiments where mice would be wired and set up to administer themselves doses of pleasure enhancing drugs by hitting a button over and over. Their addiction to the dopamine producing drug eventually caused their own deaths. I see this country coexisting in a bubble with people living in a reality not too different than the movie, ‘The Truman Show’. Is America living in a similar experiment on a level that we don’t fully see yet?

In the coming years, the old structures and old ideas need to be removed from the planet as well as the old energy itself. In the new age / metaphysical movement, the misconception that a lot of people have is that the shift will be a gentle and light one, full of pleasure, and that exposing the darkness of the world gives the evil ones more power. This is a narrow perspective of how the universe works and a misunderstanding of the law of attraction that many in the world claim to be an expert on. What they are doing is like looking at the stars in the sky through the lens of a McDonalds straw.

There is so much more to see about this reality.

I see a world where the way to the solution is to first begin speaking out about the problem, so that there is awareness of it. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of the light and what we are doing is shinning the spotlight on the shadows that people couldn’t see before as angels in human bodies are being called to awaken and begin activation. How can a cure for a disease be found unless the primary root cause of the problem has been discovered? How can we connect the dots until we take the time to open our awareness to each individual dot, no matter what we find? What we need is a greater understanding of the universal laws of cause and effect.

If we are to change the world as we know it, then our consciousness has to be higher than the consciousness that created the problem that we are sitting in right now. A lot of people have an unseen psychic potential deep inside of themselves; it’s where our powerful human imagination seems to draw from at times. Unfortunately, people are very attached to certain belief systems and outcomes in the future. This can disrupt any information trying to come through from source because the mind shields itself from ideas that may appear to run contrary to their current operating system. But many cannot run from the feelings they are having inside and the dreams and visions at night. There is something to this awakening of not only what’s wrong but who we are.

The more that part of us is suppressed, the more inner turmoil is experienced. We also have to admit that the systems of control didn’t build their supercomputer run police state nightmare overnight. It took some time to build and it’s going to take some time to remove. That cannot happen without consciousness raising to the point of being able to face the reality that there are dark demonic forces in our world projecting layers of deceptions on the human population to keep in a state on mental, physical, and spiritual bondage.

When I look at the world today and see the chaos and shake up in relationships from the macrocosm to the microcosm, I can’t help but wonder what changes are taking place in the human body and where it’s coming from. When we step back and take a look at the big picture with loving compassion and without fear of what will happen to us, our understanding and empathy increases.

When we can learn to breathe, face reality as it is with an attitude of non attachment and equanimity, our awareness expands. It’s time to get as honest as we can about what we need to change about ourselves so we can be that much more effective at changing the world. In the end truth is self evident. It is a lie that needs an argument. There is no army that can stop an idea whose time has come.

And there are MANY more ideas to discover..and explore.