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I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight for your right to say it.


Alex Ansary – alexansary.tv

November 17, 2005

(Special note: This originally appeared on a previous domain of mine and I have recently recovered my articles am a re-archiving them).

We live in bizarre times. The young are told falsehoods in schools, and the old and weary are forgotten and left to rot upon the urban streets of hell. Some bleed for the empire of death and some die for it. The war on freedom has barely begun. The propaganda machine is now oiling itself up to be the most proficient that it has ever been in history. The only thing that stands between the tragedies of another holocaust or nuclear war are the lone and brave dissenting voices. The megalomaniac power brokers all over the world are working very decisively to smash the skull of the voice that says, “NO MORE” while frightening the rest of the sheep into total submission from even daring to raise their voice against the systems of control.

Most Americans are coming face to face with the reality that our current form of government has been hijacked by the power hungry private interest groups who don’t serve the interest of the general population. While Americans disagree intensely on who or what is really to blame in government (Democrat or Republican), most can at least admit that our right to free speech is under a direct attack. What saddens me most is that most people don’t realize how sophisticated and underhanded the war is on censoring what we say and how we say it. As I write, I am troubled that a liberal leaning activist could be falling into a government trap of disinformation.

Recently, a bill was proposed in the senate that would outlaw so called hate speech. This bill naturally was supported by minority groups and homosexual groups. Most Americans have no problem with either group, I might add. The bill is lurking in the wings right now, waiting for someone to pass it through, after it failed its most recent attempt to get through. The FBI defines a hate crime (AKA bias crime) to be “a criminal offense committed against a person, property or society which is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin. Is the government justified in making an emotion illegal? If we are honest with ourselves, we find ourselves taking firm baby steps towards thought crime legislation. Today when I open the paper, I realize more clearly that the modern world makes the novel, 1984, look like a picnic.

The truth is, this bill has nothing to do with defending the rights of a racial or sexual minority group and everything to do with shutting up those brave individuals who are exposing the criminal activities of the global elite.

Despite the controversy surrounding my position, I will NOT stand by as the congress dupes the American people once again when they aren’t looking. I challenge every reader to think specifically about what the US government has done to protect minorities. It doesn’t matter if they are gay, straight, black, brown, yellow, or white. To some extent, we have all been exploited by this corrupt system. Must I refer to the documented historical record that this country was built on the sweat of the backs of African slaves, or of the near genocide of Native Americans? Or how about the Chinese immigrants who built our railroads? Did we simply forget that the government has a distain for homosexuals who sought to get married over the last few years? If we look at the government’s track record, we will find that they’ve always sought to expose those that they’ve perceived as being less than, or lower than themselves. The government does not have a track record of protecting our rights and preserving our liberties, especially the kind of congress that exists today. Not in my lifetime and not in today’s world.

The mindset behind the legislation that goes with the war on terror is structured the same way that this bill is. They take a problem, or create one, such as hate crimes and terrorism. There’s a cry from the public for the government to do something to make their lives better and safer. It’s all part of the mass hypnosis, that we are small and low, and it’s our leadership, those more important than us, that must pass more laws, more RESTRICTIONS, to protect us, and our civil liberties. It’s selling the idea that things will always be much better if we let our leadership take care of things for us, and relieve us of the responsibilities of running our own lives. That way we’re freed up to focus on the game or our cooking class.

This bill is meant to be supported by the ignorant and naïve who don’t read beyond the front page of the newspaper. It seeks support from Americans with good hearts (the majority) who don’t like racism, sexism and discrimination. It has the packaging and wrapping of something good for us. It’s masqueraded as the bill that will make us all equal, and eliminate bias and stereotyping. The only way that this bill makes us equal, is that it continues to make us all slaves to the coming global government.

We live in the most corrupt time in the nation’s history. This government has been caught red handed engaging in state-sponsored terror for the purpose of moving us into an international police state control grid. The citizens of the United States (and many other people on the planet) are speaking out, crying out. Countless websites are online that document what the mainstream publications are too compromised to report on. This is why the internet is really under attack. AOL/Time Warner has designated certain websites as ‘hate websites’ such as prisonplanet.com. This particular website has the sole focus to resist the New World Order and exposes criminal elements within our government that were behind the September 11th, 2001 attacks. The list continues. Think about how many fantastic anti-war/anti-global government documentaries exist and ask, “How many of them are being aired on network TV, or stocked at the local Hollywood Video?”

It seems completely rational that the military-industrial complex crime syndicate would want to censor what we say. But it’s a dark day when the people, the voters, the taxpayers continue to be frightened like rabbits by everything planted on CNN, or just as bad, distracted from the real news by the latest sports scores, weather report, or reality TV program. The truth is that this bill wasn’t fiercely resisted because most in the activist field have hung onto the fallacy that the system works and more laws on free speech will mean more freedom with a safer society to raise our children in.

“Hate Crime” is a new name for an old game. The object of the game is to stop all investigation and reporting of real hate crimes, and to prevent the exposure of the criminals behind them. The “Hate Crime” game as actually played is a “Hate Truth” game. It’s the Orwellian “doublespeak” in practice. History teaches us that we need a bill of rights and a U.S. Constitution. These historical documents are sworn enemies of tyranny. And that is why the oligarchy has passed a PATRIOT ACT. Would-be domestic dictators are restricting our freedom and right to travel/speech/etc. in any way they can.

To see the dark, steel cage future that waits on the horizon, one need look no further than our governments own admitted plans for the serfs of America. If you took every single bill that either exists or has been proposed and add all the executive orders together you would find yourself in a nightmare Dan Rather or Ted Koppel never told you about. Look at everything pertaining to our right to free speech. It’s gone; it doesn’t exist anymore, because the constitution is not recognized as the Law of the Land anymore. It’s become obsolete in the minds of the average America in the War on Terror. This is part of the problem-reaction-solution formula.

The PATRIOT ACT has nothing to do with stopping terrorists and neither does the VICTORY ACT. This is proven, thanks to many mainstream admissions that the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies had prior warning about the attacks that were quite disturbingly specific. This bill is no different. Just like the PATRIOT ACT, it grants the government’s snake-shaped arm a much longer reach into our lives, families, homes, and if they had it their way, our very minds. What I find interesting, is that this same legislation is being implemented in Europe, our allies. Oddly enough, Europe has vastly emerged as a multi-national police state under the European Union, just like our country has become. Both the United States and European Allied forces are engaged in a war based on lies, that many have called a form of genocide and occupation. Where do the hate crimes work against them? They don’t, because that’s not why it’s designed.

You don’t like oppression, suppression, and death? You’re going to stand against the war in Iraq? Wake up friends! That makes your a thought criminal, a hate criminal! Speaking out with passion against murder and homicide that the CIA commits could be considered hate of government, hate of big brother. They are already doing this in secret and making lists of possible enemy combatants and domestic terrorists just like they did in the 1960s. That’s where FEMA steps in. History is repeating itself. The government is terrified that one day we will learn the truth and resist.

Laws are already on the books prohibiting murder, torture, sexual harassment and other forms of intimidation. Understand that this bill makes those punished under it more prone to extreme sentences and longer incarceration lengths. Is this the prison planet that we really want? Do we need to come together in the confines of a prison yard? I recommend holding our elected representatives accountable for upholding the law and defending us from tyrannical and psychologically challenged presidents and corporations. They are guiding the missiles, the bombs, and the bullets. Let’s make our leadership accountable for genocide and hate crimes. Passing this legislation is a joke, in light of what is happening to our brothers and sisters right now on Planet Earth You know who also passed hate laws? Joseph Stalin.