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Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes


As we go through these intense, wild, and trans-formative times we each are beginning to see and experience the world through (what seems) to be a whole new set of eyes. As we look forward to moving into our higher selves and becoming the change that we want to see, we must also remember the tricks and deceptions that lie behind many of the doors of reality.

The greatest prison we will ever live in is the prison of what others think about us- David Icke

There are times in our lives in which we are the verge of a massive alteration and upgrade in our ABILITY to consciously affect our reality directly. Yet for some reason or another those times in our lives in which we are on the CUSP of creating something GRAND are the times in which we often face the greatest obstacles in our paths. Sometimes we even trip….HARD…sometimes hurting ourselves, sometimes we are wearing a HELMET for the occasion.

It’s not just objects in our paths that must be removed, but programmed tapes and OPERATING SYSTEMS in our minds that we ourselves have to intently remove, discard, and disappear into the night. Right into the the BLACK VAN.

Many of us have now reached the TRUTH that no matter what, we are constantly creating our reality on some level. In the awareness of that, we have to truthfully examine how we got to where we are at…at this moment…whether we view our current reality as something POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. We are talking about the deeper realms of awareness that require a fierce soldier of the light that not only has no fear of the systems of control, but ALSO no fear or HESITATION in seeing what has to change within in order to operate at a higher level of existence on this plane of reality.

The next several years are going to bring enormous challenges and SUCKER PUNCHES in a seemingly infinite number of ways….How we ride this wave, this TSUNAMI, this current, this cycle is determined highly on our ability to flow with each experience. Of course, we have to be PRESENT to do that and catch and accept the blessings that the universe is trying to get us. We are in for a wild ride – EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. We shall take special care to block out whatever energies , distractions, or forces of DARKNESS that may be inhibiting our expansion, potential sight and use of our BRAIN in this time -space reality.

There is a time and a place for every conversation, every friendship, and every idea to be spread about the land. (This is also important when it comes to understanding the necessity of remaining non attached to the moment which is constantly changing.) We have now reached this point on the mountain top and we can see clearly the rolling hills and valleys around us comprising of a seemingly endless row of homes, shopping centers, streets, and cars going somewhere… YET we wonder if the drivers inside those very cars have any idea where their own lives are going…or how they are going to get there.

But beyond what we see on the surface, the years of research we have done and things we have PERSONALLY experienced show us what is coming towards our neighborhoods, cities, and towns. WE SEE and FEEL the very presence of the timeless DARK army amassing their powers and plotting their attack through indirect and direct means to weaken and blunt our society into a new and highly technologically advanced form of human slavery ever known in the history of our currently civilization (according to recorded HISTORY that is…).

A primary KEY is to see beyond the depth of planning on the part of global elite, and seeing into the portal of knowledge/walking through the doorway our our destiny into the reality which is rightful ours to experience in THIS LIFETIME if we do what we were meant to do when we agreed to come to this planet at this point in time, the most amazing time to be alive.

There is no more time to wait. You must begin to align with the path that you are supposed to be on very soon in order to bypass a series of very difficult lessons. My lesson at this time points directly to bypassing the running reality that I’m not going to be able to reach everybody that I want to reach and that is the way it is supposed to be where we are all here to make our own decisions and learn from the effect of WHAT WE CAUSED. For now, I focus my attention and awareness on some of the most open and inquisitive group of humans I have ever come across.


And this is why it’s so important that you take the information that applies to you and use it to expand your consciousness and in short SAVE YOUR ASS. It is time you stood up and took back your own life into your own hands before the real hardships begin in this country. Lets be very clear. These are still the good times and they are rolling. For those that think this is the end of the game that’s been played on us..YOU HAVE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING.