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Alex Speaks to Mayor of Portland about Domestic Military Drills


(Originally published in Spring 2010)

The following is the text of a prepared statement that I gave before city council in the Spring of 2010, about a year and half before moving. Today, the dangers Portland faces from Federal Government intrusion is greater than ever and it is for that very reason that I am reposting this along with some videos that will provide more information.

The speech was delivered at 9:00 AM on April 21, 2010 and afterwards I asked that the city attorney pass on the text what was said to Mayor Sam Adams so he can  reflect on the severity of the situation and what’s he’s involved himself in and allowed to happen.  Below the text of the speech is the video along with several relevant others.

Although Portland may enjoy a new mayor and city council, the deals have already been made and the millions in federal grants has already (and continues to) receive.


Texts of speech given at Portland City Council on April 21, 2010:

Good Morning Mayor Adams, and members of the council.

I am here today to share my concerns for the safety and security of Portland in the future ahead in light of the direction our nation is going at this time.

In a youtube.com video posted in January 2009, Mayor Adams said:

“I know I made big mistakes and I ask you for your forgiveness. I pledge to you I will work harder than I have ever worked before to make sure Portland meets its challenges.”

Sam, I’m glad you said that because I am here to discuss those very challenges this city may face in the not too distant future such as the federal take over of our beloved city when a certain type of national disaster or state of emergency is declared by the executive branch of the US government, i.e. martial law is declared in America. Time does not allow to document what already has be proven to be fact such as numerous reports of hundreds of thousands of US troops incrementally being redeployed to operate under the command of NORTHCOM in the event of civil unrest.

What time does allow is the point to be made that although your predecessor Tom Potter is not longer the mayor, the clandestine plans for continuity of government in Portland remain firmly intact.

Topoff 4 stands for Top Officials 4. This was the huge federally funded anti terror drill that took place here in our city between October 15th and the 19th 2007.

On the surface this was simply a simulated joint response to an terrorist dirty bomb attack capitalizing on the fear generated by the events on 911, the same day that our government has used to justify the deaths of well over 1.4 million innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In reality, this was another example of a taxpayer funded exercise in the millions where multiple alphabet agencies of the US Government including the CIA, Department of Defense, even observers from Israel set up shop and practiced directing the city of Portland’s emergency response. This included the imposition of checkpoints, controlling movement of citizens traveling in and out of this city, including goods. Locking it down like a large prison.

The drill also included FEMA setting up living centers and even something that appeared to be a FEMA run vaccination center as I witnessed at David Douglas High School and the University of Portland. At David Douglas I also saw Former Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff (who is well known for his associations and support of well known war criminals) visit a high school and meet with our children as he played his role as one of the head directors of response.

At a press conference at P.I.R., Governor of Oregon Ted Kulongoski jokingly said in a statement posted on Willamette Week’s youtube channel:


Moving forward to late 2008, Oregon Representative Peter Defazio voiced his concerns about the real plans for ‘continuity of government’ before the house floor in congress. Defazio protested the fact that as a member of the Homeland Security Committee, he was NOT allowed to see the plans raising concerns that perhaps this was because of what truly lies in those plans, something that the public would find…alarming.

Portland, Oregon is a haven for military style drills that include the use of a multitude of government run helicopters flying over downtown and our neighborhoods.

Video and photo evidence of black helicopters swarming downtown Portland made the local news on Monday – August 25th,2008 when Army and Navy special forces conducted urban-warrior exercises, hanging their legs out of MH6 black helicopters holding machine guns, even jumping onto buildings terrifying eyewitnesses. (That article is here).

Former Mayor of Portland Tom Potter allowed this drill to take place unannounced causing panic to sweep the city resulting in a flood of 911 calls. Willamette Week published the text of an April 2008 letter from Potter to the U.S. Navy authorizing the training exercises. This is a small sample of what former Mayor Potter approved:

“Military operations in urban terrain, explosive breaching, fast rope insertion, live fire, low power training ammunition, simmunitions, flash bang, surveillance and counter surveillance.”

This is why this is relevant today: The exercises are still going on unannounced. Different colored helicopters continue their drills and surveillance, while simultaneous naval and military war games are taking place in the Pacific NW in a new expanding training ground jurisdiction covering 4 entire states as was reported by the Oregonian last year.

I request that the council read National Security Presidential Directive 51 which is an executive order passed by Bush making the president -the executive branch- the sole power of authority in the US. This declaration still stands today along with a renewal of the PATRIOT ACT.

On January 11th, 2010, Whitehouse.gov openly announced Obama’s executive order establishing the council of governors which essentially places 10 hand picked governors unelected by the people in control of ten FEMA regions, taking their orders directly from the Department of Defense and Northcom. We are in region 10. (Read that report here).

All this is going on and much more and there is still 1 in 300 Americans on the terror watch list.

To quote the powerful words of civil rights leader Martin Luther King,

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

Another quote also comes to mind.

“Silence is acceptance.”

I formally ask you all to consider the warnings I have given you very seriously and ask you to stand with the people and those unjustly being labeled today as potential terrorists or enemy combatants (because they have different views) as to why we are truly at war and what solutions we should really be taking to restore our bill of rights and constitution to a place where it really ought to be, as the sole ruler of the land, not some stack of executive orders incrementally passed by multiple presidents seeking to expand executive authority over the land.

I also remind you that strings are attached when taking money from the federal government to dramatically upgrade red light cameras which doubles as a surveillance tool for the US Government, not to mention the threat to our right to privacy. The announcement that the infamous TSA division has been recruited to help run Trimet security is also an alarming turn of events. What I see unfolding here appears to be nothing less than a dangerous dance with the devil that might end up with some of us burned in the process.

I ask you all to ponder what it means to be on the right side of history. This very council and mayor could very well be the leaders in charge when all this goes down. We the people are counting on you to act in our best interest.

Thank you for your time.

This video highlights the Oregon Governor’s role in this fiasco.

In 2008, a year after Topoff 4, the city was swarmed with black mh-6 helicopters manned by the Navy Special Warfare unit doing a “drill.” Residents throughout the city as well as the folks downtown were a bit surprised and shock up by the low and aggressive flyovers.