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I often think of the life of a flower when I think of earth women (and men)



However mortal men and women are more complicated since we humans have minds that at times deceive us.

In this case we are discussing beauty that is associated with the goddess. Take this flower for example..it is beautiful because it was created that way and is just what it is. It is vibrating to the codes of nature programmed into it. As are earth women (and men). Nature or an intelligent design brought you your eyes, your breasts, your hair, your skin, your lips, your lovely voice that sings, everything about your beauty was given to you by the creator or the codes of nature.

We did not create it, nor do we own the patents. It is not be be sold, taken, kidnapped, taken for granted, or used to control others or elevate one above another human. Many have been gifted with the image of the goddess and beauty but at times the ego mind is singing to a different tune. Individual consciousness and the soul are but temporary visitors in the gorgeous organic body machine of life. The body is not you, it was given to you as a vehicle for your life experience.

Thus the body of the goddess should not be confused with the spirit of the goddess which also transcends male and female anatomy. Our deeds and actions on this earth determine the real spirit within us. In time the petals fade, and the body becomes no longer. Many men face this reality as well as their physical beauty and strength fades over time. A wise man or women sees the bigger picture in this life experience and is able to appreciate their beauty and the beauty of others yet never worships it or takes it for granted.

All things come to pass including our bodies. Spirit lives on. Humans like this flower are also given life by the sun.