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You Can’t Run From Who You Are


(Originally written on November 10, 2009)

A lot of people over the years have asked me what I do for fun or if I ever just relax and unwind. The very fact that I am being asked this question indicates how people assume that the calling that I have answered and the lifestyle I have chosen to live is bringing me pain.

Although my voice may sound stressed from time to time as I alert the masses that our way of life is under attack by forces from within our own government, it doesn’t necessarily mean that my serenity has been harmed. The reality of the situation is that the country is falling apart at the seams and the stakes are high. The very awareness of the situation isn’t something that you just turn off nor should you. That would dangerous. That would be irresponsible. You might even regret it.. for a very long time.

The reality is people on this planet are here for a reason and they come in to this reality with a particular understanding of reality and their connection to the rest of humanity and the universe. Everyone has their own unique understanding that is uniquely theirs for whatever reason.

From my perspective, there are three basic factors that make up the individual psyche / personality in ha human body.

1.) The knowledge and history of the soul / spirit inhabiting a body

2. ) Cellular memory and the connection to the biological past – our ancestors (lifestyles, sexuality, spirituality, ritual, pleasures, challenges, fears, survival needs)

3.) External environment: Humans naturally conform in a variety of ways to their immediate environment via culture, language, behavior, etc.

There may be certain goals or accomplishments they need to achieve in this lifetime or hurdles that they are here to overcome. Although we are all one (in a sense), we still are individuals here to learn unique things that hopefully will help us evolve to the next level.

I have awoken to the reality that I am working here on this planet for a higher purpose that many do not and cannot at this time comprehend because they are on different paths and possess different karma (or a are living in a much different perception of reality). Fortunately, I have woken up to what my life path is and mission. For me that puts me at ease, not disease. Lack of direction and understanding of where and who we are creates disease or lack of ease with ourselves.

I see the social and spiritual disease within our society sometimes every hour of every day.

The word “surreal” comes to mind for a situation where finding the words to describe the scene are not easy to come by. The characters in this theater of life that I live in seem more prepared to star as zombies in a movie like ‘Night of the Living Dead’ than anything that might be perceived as normal or sane. The increasingly acute awareness of the dumbed down zombie masses around me seems to be activated when I walk down the street, through the park, alongside the waterfront, inside the supermarkets, the malls, the schools, the buses. It’s as if I can feel their mind control software programs bouncing off the walls and off of me. At times these places where the masses gather appear to be nothing more at times than breeding grounds for a disenfranchised population of suffering souls who appear lost in the wilderness with people’s insanity, confusion, anger, and fear feeding and bouncing off one another.

The appearance of emptiness and confusion emanates fiercely from the eyes of the young and old, rich and poor, black and white, men and women. I wish I could say the right words the right way to make them smile and see the truth about the world we live in and the way out of the bondage that seems to be everywhere in this current physical / material level of existence. I want to take their pain away. However, I now realize that the reality is that I can only show the way to the door outside the cage or box. I can’t carry them through it or walk for them if they insist on crawling or holding on to the past. By the same token, I am on my own path in this strange universe working on passing through my own door. It is their responsibility to find their door, just as it is mine. I can only try to help them selflessly along the way where I see fit.

We can’t just walk away from who we really are. It is only by bravely facing our true selves in our personal hall of mirrors, we can tap into a truer, deeper level of strength we were never thought we had. Realizing our full strength and potential is the ideal contrast to the future that the powers that be are attempting to create for us without our consent. Now that so much dirt is rising to the surface for all of humanity to see, it is my honor to be apart of this awakening that’s more global than most realize.

What this shift and awakening is going to lead to is yet to be seen, but at the least we must remember that this is about a proper use and  exercise of our free will.