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Tech Blackout From Gigantic Solar Storm Predicted For 2020



It seems that the Earth is not the only part of the solar system that will be experiencing odd changes in the next few years. It has been reported that a major solar storm which has been predicted to occur in the next few decades will create a worldwide technological blackout.

A solar flare is a sudden spurt of high-energy heat or fire from the sun’s surface. It releases so much radiation, that some reports have indicated the possibility of a major solar flare creating destruction on Earth. But what could a solar flare mean for modern technology?

Recent observations have correlated solar flares with sudden electromagnetic disturbances on Earth which create some interruptions in not only communication but also power line transmissions. According to a report from Express UK, this means that a major solar flare could lead to a total technological blackout in the entire world.

Observations of the sun’s behavior just for the past year alone has alarmed a number of scientists, and if their simulation is correct, there is a possibility for the sun to have a catastrophic solar flare within this generation’s lifetime. According to a study published by NASA, there is an expected change in the behavior of the sun, from being “quiet and calm” to extremely active leading to the possibilities of more violent solar flares in the next few decades.

According to the Daily Mail, the sun has gone blank more than once just in 2016 alone. Scientists are puzzled as to what this occurrence possibly mean to the future of the Earth. There are some studies that suggest that the sun going “blank” could possibly mean a “mini” ice age is about to happen.

This occurrence is much more strengthened by the wild temperature changes happening on Earth, like UK experiencing its longest and coldest winter, the first November snow in Japan in the last 50 years, and many more.