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Is there life after Facebook/Youtube? Some sources say YES!



Last year I quit facebook and this year I aim to breath new life into otbtv.net as I rewire my brain’s online focus.

Facebook is addictive. There’s no dispute there and some are more affected than others. But how does this impact the independent mind over time who might have started using facebook to access alternative news or ideas or to share them? I may be one of the first to articulate to you how it can adversely affect a researcher and presenter of truth.

The solution lies is finding ways to work around this algorithm of oppression.

When I first starting using the site over a decade ago, I was able to see how connected I was to so many other supposed truthers on the path to some kind of positive change in our world but by recent years I can see how the medium was actually weaponized to destroy relationships, friendships over belief systems as well as misunderstandings.

The true nature of facebook and youtube has never been fully revealed to date but slowly the truth is coming out on behind the scenes manipulation. Any visit to youtube’s present home page displays mainstream media promotion from the LEFT to the RIGHT as well as the darlings youtube promotes. Some of these youtube darlings in the alternative media run their mouth about being victims and being censored while I witness youtube promoting their videos to me and others non stop as if they are preferred channels. Disinfotainment artists following the lead of AMTV and Infowars are seeing their success despite repeating talking points about a shadowy ‘Deep State’ holding a brother down. Right, not with those numbers and subs they aint. A man isn’t being held back with a monetized channel with hundreds of thousands of views or subs. Am I to watch a CEO of a company talk about how poorly he lives next?

There is a shadow government but those using the ‘Deep State’ term are using it from the left right paradigm position not the position free of a left right paradigm. That translates literally into being free of seeing one party and the current #POTUS better or worse than the previous.

In reality its the same system. Try telling that to today’s Democrats and Republicans both identifying with ‘resist’ing something. Dont forget the hashtag. But it aint’ no system of evil they are resisting. Could it be spiritual truth? #youaretheresistance says Alex Jones. Seem that way when you see resistance to any shared truth that goes behind the illusions of separation or something that can heal someones racial obsessions.

While conservatives scream that youtube solely targets them and them alone, videos criticizing right wing extremist ideologies and speculations of a dark dystopian future under their control are quickly demonetized on my own platform as I face the wrath of AI’s judgment as well as the humans programmed on the ground to misunderstand where im coming from. I might drop some truth about the manufactured divide and watch my patreons drop one by one while youtube growth seems to have flatlined and might be retracting backwards slowly. 16780 subs…16779 subs…then 16778 subs…..then 16777 subs.. Someone literally emailed me requesting that i end his VHX membership yet that is only something he can do himself according to VHX’s help page. Must be something I said? (comedy drum sound effect).

As a political and religious independent American born human, I have never seen more false claims of being someones political opposition and even perceived racial or ethnic enemy.

Its pure bullshit on crack cocaina.

I have never seen such silence only this time we can’t blame it on a holiday or people being out camping. The truth of those that previously saw the content as relevant and then ceased to by some unknown true origin or cause are somehow affected by something similar, a mentality, a new apathetic responsive to the same info given…only 5-12 years earler…

I didnt change my points or statements, we know this. The world did. Leading media figures and politicians did, we know this. We can show this.

Americans let the antiwar movement die, and some things can’t be blamed on others like the president or media figures. Some things truly are settled with a mirror in this lifetime.

A close examination of facebook disinformation tactics displays a carefully coordinated campaign or algorithm designed to turn Americans against each other over politics and race, mostly perception of then the stereotypes take over like the borg from Star Trek. Deeper investigations into companies like Cambridge Analytica show this technique of digital psychological warfare has been implemented throughout the world. Not only that, companies like facebook have allowed data breaches on their own watch that have comprised countless private messages and thus all information and data contained within. That info can be accessed at a later point in time by those hacking forces with less than random origins. But try to telling that to a Trump loyalist that thinks that any talk of facebook data breaches is left wing anti Trump talk. YEE HAW!

Waitress, that will be one more order of freedom fries! MURICA! Facebook! Fuck ya!

Before leaving facebook I would explain to people in status updates the importance of following my work outside of it and contacting me outside of it. Few to none have desired to displaying the damage the medium has done and the lack of relevancy this content may seem to them if its not posted on facebook. Alrighty then. So the signs of the future human behaviors have arrived ahead of time….Be advised.

What then are the other signs of futurism arriving sooner than later? At some point we must disconnect for our own sanity from connections with humans on a limited range of frequency of consciousness, kindness, or humility. There is no logical explanation for only using facebook or the youtube comment section other there existing a unique form of addiction to only receiving input form those mediums – a special rush only found on those mediums rather than a comment section anywhere at http://www.otbtv.net. I take honor in bowing before you as one of the few humans alive today bringing this kind of social media addiction to your attention.

Laughed at today, understood by tomorrow…its Alex Ansary #OTBTV . And this is the way it’s always been in the known natural universe.

Thus then to control the sites information and featured posts once the masses are hooked is thus then to control reality even the conspiracies over what part of reality is censored as they bait and switch the real censorship and over who or what. Its quite a ride through hell and a good display of what the devil might want you to believe about hell as you arrive. The devil’s biggest trick in this case is making the platform algorithm seem opposed to racism and extremism when in reality they are some of the best promoters of the memes that lead to action being taken in the real world of a criminal and malicious nature.

I live my life speaking things that stand as a general warning to the world and those humans of consciousness that are able to find and access my words either spoken, written or delivered through another way in time. You CAN free yourself from the program by simply being informed of it and working the tools within you to deprogram and cut cords with the screaming collective madness of the many fractured lost souls that surround us in the world and in the leading digital ghetto websites.

Can you hear me now?

The average American or westerner is drunk on the left / right paradigm and the ‘invaders from over the wall’ psychosis or the mentality ‘its just Trumps fault’ babbling of the rage filled street mobs of mask wearing fellow Americans. As a result the real bipartisan conspiracy to put us all in the same cage of a social construct (panoptian dystopia) is still seen by most as a conspiracy theory. This means that today’s so called mainstream social justice warriors are not hearing my words or considering it in their controlled fight with the right. Those of us outside the Democrat group think are just as exiled as those outside the Republican system. Neither side in the western world acknowledges their bi partisan exile behavior similar to cultural shaming in the Islamic world.

That’s pretty fucking sad!

Yet you can find arrogant Americans on the left and right that both see themselves as better than humans suck in cultures that still shame. Don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house America.

To not hang with either gang is to stand alone. To stand alone for many years without buckling to social pressure is to gain new leg strength like a power-lifter of mountains and I’m walking into a new phase of my life now very experienced in standing outside both systems for my entire life while being ridiculed and called crazy. Now the focus is narrowing on existing and evolving beyond this version or type of matrix after the time spent in the body is completed for I am teach a spiritual path not a religious or political one.

Whose side am I on then? The side of humans alive now, in the past but as well as the future. Both parties and seemingly all the superstate nations conspire to kill other humans overseas while not counting their bodies and exiling all those speaking of potential karmic consequences for such “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” behavior. On one end of the polarity of politics acts like it cares about those people while another political angle calls a group of humans labeled into a race ‘invaders’ that they are already bombing into non existence elsewhere in countries the USA invaded. Talk about projecting and talk about fake compassion from the left response to the right wing behavior. What ‘Redneck Revolt?’

Im sorry did I stutter?

If my content over the years only received trolling from the right mostly and I stand alone, how does the opposition to the right recognize my contribution to thinking human society? They haven’t and wont so dont confuse us. I see the same ethnocentric America that thinks its split itself off into left and right. Lets move on….

Here I am, over a decade of starting my platform on access tv and youtube and I have never seen smaller engagements and views on those platforms yet the very key words and topics of mine can be seen in the mainstream and hijacked by a array of new youtubers considered less controversial to the controllers of the algorithms as well as the humans on the group programmed by the algos. Its a fiery loop of programming, you see.

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. ” – Alice in Wonderland

We can be talking about the same concerns about China & world war 3, or solar flares, cost of living, homelessness, or the supernatural, or even off grid living. Yet when you view my content on youtube and the ‘suggested content’, do you see a computer algorithm on youtube or google that is pointing to my core themes? Do we instead see a AI being built that has a special skill in identifying ethnicity, in particular those with specific genetics from certain countries?

Do we instead see others that look less ethnic seeing the larger views on those exact same topics even if they are pushing negative outlooks on the world and the work of others that came before them? Take a look at China today and their million Muslims in camps as they unleash AI that is tracking the ethnicity flagged by computer programmed to do exactly like its told. Why do humans follow such similar lines as well as Chinese AI? Trust me, what can be done to others can be done to Americans. The arrogance and blind denial must end! Technology can be hacked and the warnings of the robot armies were given years ago.

Are or are not predator drones now in Afghanistan killing mostly 90 percent civilians? And didn’t the ICC (International Criminal Court) just find US forces innocent of all war crimes including gang rape and all around sexual violence used on detainees? Are we or are we not seeing a pattern? Based on that question and its results..

Are we or are we not connected still to human consciousness? Its mirror time sunshine.

Mediate on the truth of this reality as you affirm within to see it as it is for others around the world. Consider this as we witness the roll out agenda for 5g across America. If what we do to others happens to us aka the humans tradition of the recognition of the law of karma, as a collective American construct, where is it headed?

What does that mean for those merging their identify with that of the leading populist movements on both the LEFT and the RIGHT?

I dont see much good luck or fortune for a collective ‘USA!’ with a left right paradigm being controlled by mad scientists that hijacked America’s favorite modern pastime; binge youtube viewing and facebook surfing and the fighting that often follows over options shared in a status update. FOMO for life!

What’s on YOUR Mind? Update your AI profile Immediately! But don’t keep up appearances on your own platforms. Heres a digital cookie or emoji to keep you pumped full of dopamine!

Could it be that these mediums were created to suck the energy dry of the humans with enough curiosity & soul in them combined to merge their energies with that of the websites supposedly helping us ‘get the word out?’ Years of facebook and youtube activity as well as supernatural commentary on the archons has lead me to conclude that these forces we speak of are very much involved in the online world. For the last year I have been exploring the idea of the supernatural overtones to social media having seen several ‘case studies’ i.e. attempts to create interference in my own life from random people online that appeared more or less activated by malevolent intelligence of some kind. Distraction of a truth presenter or speaker can be powerful in the archonic realms and it might takes years to learn this about our enslavement here on earth. While the attacks are random and seemingly for no good reason from seemingly total strangers, there is a distinct patterning of some of the more sociopaths behavior and lifelong obsessions that some humans have displayed towards my content and views. What are the issues that I speak of that result in the most backlash? I have my list of suspicions. What’s on yours?

Over time I have come to see how those displaying certain qualities of light or truth can in a way alert the matrix like sentinels of our reality. Since we are in a realm where most humans are controlled by archonic entities, we now have entered a phase of being super on the radar if one is a truth speaker. From this vantage point in the space time reality of social media addiction we can clearly see the vibrational nature and integrity of the largest voices in the mainstream and alternative media and how similar they are even if the have different statements or politics, we see other similarities in demeanor and domination personality traits..again even and esp. within today’s leading voices in the alternative media disaster news fear-porn matrix of clickbait on steroids. Its like dude, why are you screaming at me to buy this or join this? Can you just talk to me like you care about my soul already buecuase thats at present where my wiring is. THE SOUL.

Monetized social media platforms today are more of a display of what increasingly corrupted humans looking like drunk on new found digital wealth and attention and all of it at the control of a button by forces the don’t even understand. Men and women behind the scenes in the real world can do things to other humans to cause them and their message harm and this is as normal now in our world as getting gas or going to the store for food only we are often treated as the food to these evil forces behind the wicked actions of the people. Picture skeleton the “Masters of the Universe” swearing to the one eyed deity or little ‘g’ god/archonic entity declared himself ruler or controller over the others as he uses a massive projector to falsely show power. ‘Join or Die’ he says to the watching masses. Even those criticizing religions doing that may do similar to act to punish those that didn’t join their club or group mind dynamic. Maybe then the religions are just seen as competitions to today’s digital would be cult leaders on social media?

Do you see similar overtones in demeanor from the leading channels on youtube supposedly there to help us ‘survive’ something? I see a clear pattern and so have been my behind the scenes engagements with those aggressive diversionary personality types. I could write a book and intend to.

To be favored by corrupt forces by playing their game is not a game worth playing and Terrance Mckinna would disagree with many of the players of the game that act like they understand his philosophies while actually playing out the program itself trying to look cool by dropping his name and or others while promoting magic mushroom philosophies while somehow acting like a dominator of ideas.

Here we see how the archetype of the ‘destroyer of worlds’ can be found in the mentality of most so called modern truthers working day and night to dominate their niche theme and be favored by the algo gods.

Im sorry, where was the waking up part?

Surely the doomsday cult mentality isn’t the solution part because some things are not worth risking one’s personal freedom of ideas and thought and speech in order to safely to live under the rule of tomorrows warlords under collapse. It would seem I would be born with a warning for tomorrow’s America refugees desperate to exist and live under the futures dangerous climates, from weather to social morality a area less touched by those only fearing natural disasters. Like times of the past the humans would fail to see a connection with their world being humbled and how they lost their way and connection to nature.

I never said collapse wasn’t coming. Its about surviving the false friends and saviors and grand standers on the path to collapse and that’s a level of editorializing you wont get from my so called peers in the ‘whatever they say the truth is’ indy media.

To free yourself you must free yourself from the way social media is working to influence us. This also means our addictions to forms of media where we are being shouted at by the host who is determined to make the snake oil SELL SELL SELL! during time of collapse or fears of such. It plays on our fears and anxieties and angers and so do many humans that discover how to work the algorithm. There’s a fine line between using social media to free our minds and enslaving it to greed or hate. It’s important that you have the discernment with how consume content. What you consume or watch is as important as what you eat.

Im Alex Ansary signing off from this return to my website blog stating my intentions to focus my core teachings and ideas here and not expect a algorithm to get the word out. In time, my core ideas will manifest in the forms of zines and other books. A volunteer effort in time could be applies to downloading and sharing those pdfs and books with others to ensure that the information survives the attempts to bury what should be revealed now to all.

Please check out the newsletter tab on OTBTV.net and sign up. The future is one in which the information should reach you directly and not be controlled by gates, barriers, the zombies that maintain them.

Thank you for reading..