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Year 2022: Year of the Mass Round Ups?



Something to note from the world of bots: In a recent “unite the right” live-stream, there was a patterning to the white supremacist comments. The year 2022 kept being repeated by bots as the year of the cleansing or removal of Jews and Muslims.

Anyone that follows my writings, videos, or concerns would know that I have predicted a wave of homicides during the early 2020s and maybe people targeted from elements of the right wing. There is likely to be backlash from mid term election results and Alex Jones and others are helping to telegraph concepts of political violence being normalized (on both sides including specifically targeting innocent people).

Anyone sharp with the content I have written about regarding solar flares knows the links between human aggression and wars and solar maximum. So as we go into this solar minimum, its the quiet before the storm of violence of solar cycle 25.

So Im making a connection between my prior stated projection of the early 2020s, political violence futurism theories, and bots today saying 2022 is the year over and over regarding racial violence and round ups.

For the record and to remind you all, I have stated the possibility that minorities of middle east bloodlines face potential internment in the future and this potential dark path in American history is being orchestrated on purpose to downgrade our morality while boosting the case for CHINA, and RUSSIA to intervene in US affairs via United Nations. This may be concurring by the year 2025, year of occupation.

So the nightmarish “white persecution” in reality would be accurately placed after the coming decade rather than a even happening at present despite the many cry wolf scenarios some are displaying.The millions dead would be found in Afghanistan and Iraq, not California or …Michigan or…wherever you are. Lets keep this real.

Now do you see why we don’t feed the gremlins after dark?