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What You Need to Know about the Supernatural / Paranormal / Horror REALITY won’t be Found on NETFLIX


Our society has made the mistake of turning serious issues into fiction and then most responding by easily laughing away the subject matters as mere illusion and works of the human fictional mind. Today those taking such issues seriously, as nonfiction, are mocked and ridiculed as they have been previously by multiple cultures throughout the ages of civilization.

Truth is found in the real world and although there are signs of it in fiction, content found in fiction is not be assumed to be less real. Please excuse wind effect on outdoor camera, mic. You cant always have netflix quality content when its real talk.

Perhaps in the wind, there is a message from the spirit world. Maybe thats the point though, that there’s always a message from spirit. Its that this culture teaches us to tune that reality out while watching….Netflix or something similar on youtube…while potentially turning out the most real reality around them. Just because someone consciously says they don’t believe, dont mean they aren’t being led around by influences or voices in their head that they falsely believe are their own thoughts.

Extremist movements today appear to directly be serving archonic entities of human soul enslavement. Comparing comment sections today to 10 years ago helps highlight some examples that are fairly direct and to the point with regards to what i mean.

This is another example of how real world data has over time made it way to the fictional screen with many audience members unaware of the truth that really is out there.

Both orthodox religions and sworn atheists have a similar crusade against today’s spiritually and politically independent truth speaker.