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What is America’s Future?


In today’s Outside the Box TV video, Alex Ansary speculates on the future of America.

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MSM Media Coverage Boosting US Internal Conflicts and Stoking Civil War Fears during Solar Eclipse

Youtube video demonetized immediately upon upload. The media is playing a huge role in making sure both sides have large numbers, the left and the right – fighting with helmets and capes and masks in the streets of America. Why do you believe its so difficult for Americans to understand WHY the media has its brainwashing role? Many seem to dislike the mainstream media but seem unable to explain the mainstream media psyops to work up both sides. As far as I know, others aren’t warning of what I am so it makes sense I wouldn’t hear others discuss what this is really all about. I just see confusion and a mainstream media that has brainwashed people that call themselves mainstream media critics. Does that make sense?

America finds itself Marginalized after Recent Events

In today’s Outside the Box TV video, Alex Ansary discusses the real agenda why America is being presented as it is to the world.

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Charlotesville…. Convenient Situation for the Powers that Be Before Global War

The events of today are staged to create internal division. There has never been a more important time to support this channel.

Shocking Video Footage Details Extent of Political Gang Street Fighting in Portland

This is a series of clips I found online featuring the events recently in Portland, Oregon.