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Trump Declares May 1st “Loyalty Day”


You are either with Donald Trump or you are with Clinton and the terrorists. Anyone remember this narrative of a real American patriot?

I lived it all winter actually here off the grid in Colorado blogging and vlogging my feelings that Clinton and Trump were probably lovers banging away and laughing together as left and right commentators playing into the fake left right argument and pushed narratives about Trump jailing Clinton.

Is this the sign of nation or system in which the candidates are really being picked by the people? If they control both candidates, don’t they already control America? Then why promote the divide today? Today should be a moment of enlightenment about American presidents being selected. Why are we fighting this truth with so much human energy? I am trying to understand this perspective that our elections are working and where its really stemming or coming from in truth. What drives the false narrative even in 2017?

What co-opted candidate will the left or right generate for 2020’s hand off of the baton?

Why do Americans on the left and right insult the non voters refusing to pick a master?

Why is refusing to pick a master so upsetting, threatening or offensive? Why do left and right voters assume non voters are secretly lying and really voting for the other side? How is this not mind control in action today in 2017?

Perhaps that was the only option independent thinkers ever had, to refuse to co-sign anyone’s bullshit. I don’t care if its Coca cola bullshit or Pepsi co bullshit. Bullshit is bullshit and supporting either of the war machine candidates energetically bond the voter to the candidate unless the candidates actions are fully denounced once they reveal themselves to be a agent of those working to destroy America making whores out of its daughters and mindless super soldiers out of its boys while mature adults (Men and Women) become a thing of the past, something we write about or make movies about but never see.

Also, dont swear anymore in your youtube videos or they could be demonized America.

Yet many content consumers still love youtube even with the ads while not supporting the indy media figures that would speak to them with truth outside of youtube and the ad system.


By Claire Bernish

President Trump has declared today, May 1, Loyalty Day, a day also dedicated to international workers’ rights, in what sounds on first impact to be an Orwellian holiday dedicated to love of one’s country — with all the mandatory overtones one would expect, given the current divisive climate present in the United States.

May 1, the president declared, should be a day “for the reaffirmation of loyalty” to the United States; and that fealty to this nation — obedient citizens are encouraged to display the Stars and Stripes — should usurp any recognition in unison with some 80 or so other countries of the struggles faced by workers around the world.

For as frighteningly nationalistic as the name implies, Loyalty Day is not Trump’s brainchild.

In fact, once Loyalty Day garnered congressional approval in 1958, the oppressively patriotic holiday has been officially proclaimed by every president from Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1959 through Barack Obama — Trump just carried on its pretext “intended to replace” International Workers’ Day.