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The Sun as a Broadcaster of Spirit into Humanity


Alex Ansary – OTBTV.Net

The spiritual connection that our souls have to the Sun is an idea suppressed by mainstream society and some of the followers of the larger religions. (See Video at End of Page).

This knowledge has also been attacked by elements of fringe social groups and some spiritualists seem more passionate about promoting ideas regarding planet influence, government influence, or alien savior influence than direct Sun influence.

This has been a long standing problem that needs further discussion. Our natural fascination with the star responsible for both giving and humbling material expressions of life is purposefully redirected to Hollywood movies and TV shows that scientifically capitalize on our imagination in the same way one might turn to cold soda when they should be looking for the sun charged filtered water without the added chemicals. More nefarious redirection of solar symbols and imagery have led into concepts surrounding racial supremacy – hypocritically so as the Sun’s activity plays a central role in the darkening, or pigmentation of skin color over time genetically. 

According to Unseen Forces, in Austria and Germany, the former SS man Wilhelm Landig revived the ariosophical mythology of Thule, the supposed polar homeland of the ancient Aryans. He coined the idea of the Black Sun, a substitute swastika and mystical source of energy capable of regenerating the Aryan race. He popularized esoteric ideas current among the pre-Nazi völkisch movement and the SS relating to Atlantis, the World Ice Theory, prehistoric floods and secret racial doctrines from Tibet.

I’m also beginning to suspect that particular movies are being promoted that point to a view of a death of the Sun as Marvel Comic’s ‘Ragnarok‘ was the recent top recommended video right next to ‘The Terminator’ and ‘Species’.

In a world where what they want us to believe or perceive is often not the truth or aligned with nature, could these be clues that the ‘powers that be’ would like to the Sun go to sleep or for us to perceive that is it? Run a google search for  “is our Sun dying” and you’ll see how mainstream this question has become despite the science that also shows other indications of future powerful behaviors from the Sun.

Those familiar with Norse mythology may know that Ragnarok symbolizes a ending of our world through the ending of a solar cycle age, today also coined as the ‘Grand Solar Minimum‘, a scenario that includes less and less solar activity leading first to crop losses and then to larger blasts from the Sun as the magnetic field grows weaker, cosmic rays blast our world and the Sun, delivering fresh unhealthy levels of radiation and other known and unknown forms of space radiation.

Lower solar ambient radiation in our solar system weakens the heliosphere allowing in more cosmic rays which cause the Sun to become hotter and more radioactive when they strike into it. As the cycle minima goes back to maxima, cosmic rays flat-line as sunspot counts go back up. This seems more to me like a natural cycle or a expression of the yin yang symbol of balance rather than a doomsday or end of the world. Maybe it’s the end of our world’s present cycle as we know it and who is to say that this isn’t nature’s way?

While its possible we could be in either a overall decline of the Sun’s output or simply a cyclical short term decline, we shouldn’t assume so nor that the Sun is dying or already is dead. Rather, we should question why there would be mainstream meme’s attempting to direct the human holographic reality potential to perceiving such outcome.

Instead of get on such a bandwagon, I will remain on course with where my awakenings started on the Sun: that the coming massive changes in the Sun will play a role in the changing of our world and consciousness and I describe conciseness shifts in both negative and positive lights from spirituality to the violent behavior of mobs locked in group think and marching with torches towards to the town mystics, visionaries, and undesirables of this age or another.

History can and does repeat itself on cue with the cycles of the Sun. However making direct predictions about a death of the Sun or singling out the Sun as a cause of blame for our problems is taking solar behavior prediction to a very limited level.

Overlooking or demonizing the idea our spiritual connections to the Sun will continue to be viewed with suspicion considering the persecution of solar researchers, theorists, spiritualists throughout history including regions of people in lands whose genetics have evolved throughout many solar cycles on the earth, continue to face persecution and dehumanization. Do the ‘powers that be’ have a 2100 agenda to transform the planet for a new kind of hybridized society?

Are the people today that seem safe from racial attacks within our nation seen as the preferred genetics to carry on the global agenda after years of culling through wars come to completion?

This question has been coming to me increasingly as the illusions of separation program went into hyper-drive after the 2012 period leading into 2016. In my understanding, unless changes in the Sun intervene in some way, genocide for ‘some kinds of humans’ rather than others might be on schedule in the generations to come. If AI is tracking specific ethnicities for the Chinese at present and if there’s a potential for their AI to dominate the world, where will that leave future populations of already marginalized humans? If technology is primarily being used to more efficiently neutralize defenseless populations, how is the idea or concept of a take-down of modern technological expression something that we panic about?

In a way, my understandings are somewhat compatible with concerns those have had in the GSM crowd, but assuming that this change is the Sun is entirely negative, is making a very definitive statement and is acting overly protective of a corrupted civilization and population apparently too disinterested in curtailing it’s own foreign military conquests no matter how ridiculously high the civilian death counts.

The international courts find the culprits innocent and in some cases places them into office and places of high authority in our governments of present day or there on the side to serve them. As long as the people in the ‘lands of the Sun’ continue to be slaughtered at a increasing rate, the idea of our society being humbled by less solar energy is not a collective fear that I will voluntarily take on.

Rather, I will work to introduce spiritual ideas about the Sun that others do not while making connections to particular trends and future possibilities that others do not.

I have never wished ill intent on the evil doers of this world because I have felt no need to respond in like energy when the universe will work things out through the karmic laws of which we are all bound by. The Sun’s coming behavior seems to be one that seems on schedule to deliver a worse case scenario to the grid’s ‘powers that be’ and who am I to be afraid of nature stepping in to protect it’s own from it’s own creations? Every soul is also responsible for all actions they embark on in a world of all things under the Sun.

Here’s a mathematical equation that might remind one of the math questions in elementary school about calculating train times to determine who gets there first. Here’s a question for today’s fallen world:

If the highest expression of technology regarding harnessing the power of the Sun is used by oppress the people of the Sun by powering weaponized drones with solar panels that never have to come down for fossil fuels, coordinating with solar powered satellites and other solar powered weapons, is that Sun entity impressed by said society?

What then would stop that very Sun from teaching humanity some lessons about respecting all that the Sun creates? In other words, misusing the elemental forces brings back luck and the unconsciousness of today’s civilization has empowered dark forces to harness the power of collective thought in this holographic reality for the wrong reasons.

Sadly, many independent organizations and humans do the same thing to full-fill their own agenda. This is also known as “the left hand path” not to be confused with left handed people. Its a expression of speak for having self serving interests only when harnessing the law of attraction. To only serve thy self is to watch living people burn in their own lower realm, metaphorically speaking.

Rediscovering this deeper connection on the individual level has the ability to set us free within by experiencing a new spiritual understanding of the interconnections of all things. The ego mind can be humbled by understanding the ways in which the Sun impacts our entire existence and drives the cycles, small and large, of our lives. However speaking of such concepts historically brings great challenge and sometimes death if we study the period of early Christianity and the plight of the Gnostics and the Cathars as well as the spread of Islam, replacing ancient solar knowledge left behind by the Zoroastrians.

I in no way support the demoralization of any members of religion be they Muslims, Jews or Christians. I also speak out as to how members of these very religions have chosen to discount my research by finding ways in which the message is perceived to be opposed to the words of their ‘god.’ I don’t at all perceive the true God of this reality to be separate from the functions of the Sun, rather the Sun exists throughout human mythology as a emissary of the supreme creator itself. The world changes the Sun is bringing humanity at this time appears to be a reminder of this fact of life. Those coming against this knowledge reveal a timeless agenda to bury to knowledge of the Sun as well as those that speak of it in particular manners.

I begin to write today as I sit under the rising Sun in the earlier part of the day’s cycle in order to bring my focus deeper into this work as the June 2019 new moon phase passes. In moments, the wonderful glow on my backside is replaced by the annoying sensation of the incoming Summer season insects as I/m reminded of the core spiritual message I’m providing:

The Sun provides life to all things under the Sun including those forces of intelligence that we might think are parasites. From the macro to the micro, other forms of intelligence or expression that might be a annoyance to humanity seem more active when the Sun wakes up. The Sun is not ours alone with regards to the expression of life that the Sun creates.

Therefore in studying the Sun’s connection to spirituality and growth, we must also understand the other forms of spirits coming alive and that some of them don’t think the highest of humanity. As a result, increased attacks on the human species accelerate under the Sun’s increasing rays because we are filled with more of the very same light source that in some doses, is food for these parasitic, archonic forces operating alongside humanity in this universe. We we light up, we are identified and this can poise a problem for unaware spiritual beings having a human experience.

Those unconscious of how the powers that be use the solar cycle remain manipulated by the energies of the ‘dark grid.’

As solar induced photosynthesis can provide a new plant form of life the charge capable of doing what most humans cannot, smash through concrete, what can we continue to learn from nature that’s hiding in plain sight?

Most marine life found dead in waters either too cold or too warm are believed to have been mislead in the wrong navigational direction due to the use of military sonar in a human world taken over by war and conflict. How might today’s popular technologies and tomorrow’s rise of AI and 5G further jam our natural human connection to the fields and information of the life giving electromagnetic juggernaut of our reality?

 Human consciousness has light years of work ahead of itself in order to pull many spiritual researchers out of the dark ages, or off grid, back into mainstream society where they have a place at the table like everyone else. I await the day that the world begins to respond positively to my contribution to consciousness on earth. Patience is a virtue that I’ve come to accept.

The solar plexus that sits next to our heart – the center of our bodies energy centers – is connected with the rest of our energy centers within as our Sun sits at the center of our galaxy and connects with a number of planets and orbiting stats. Are the many souls on earth connected to the Sun in a profound way that’s been hidden from us by authoritative design?

In May of 2012, the earth responded to the Sun’s blast with a pulse of it’s own, baffling the scientific community in a new age of time where fresh understandings about the Sun are hitting human consciousness like a lightning bolt from deep space. In the last decade, NASA has also been trying to track invisible holes or portals that open and close which connect our planet to our Sun. Every 8-9 minutes the earth and the Sun communicate in some way and whatever is being communicated to the earth connects to us through our feet. The magnetic effects of the Sun reach our inner selves through more than one direction or means.

As the earth has a magnetic field around it that changes power and flux depending on the Sun’s activity and various planetary body rotations, so to does the human aura or a auric field. Our thoughts and actions impact our own field which are detailed further in the first ebook. As the Sun communicates with the earth, we too are involved subconsciously, if not fully consciously, in transmitting and receiving information from the ever changing field of information and plasma based data.

This may be how some humans could have a internal clock or life cycle aligned with the Sun and or earth. The same cycle may be affecting all of the different bodies from the human, planet, and all things under the Sun from this world to others as science verifies the changing of magnetic fields on other planets are changing their own climates dramatically in different ways.

Is the Sun moving to prepare life on other planets while ushering in the end of the age of modern civilization and technology as we know it?

Could the Sun be a expression of God that’s been removed from our collective spiritual understanding?

Many have come to the conclusion that our technology has surpassed our humanity. If massive solar activity in the future removes the current power grid as it is established, humans would have to talk to each other again. Unhealthy magnetic fields will no longer be throwing off the bodies natural circadian rhythm and state of mind. Its unfortunate that the global ‘powers that be’ have permitted the ongoing use of nuclear power plants without demanding that each plant have enough backup fuel to deal with a major outage because such a meltdown today could trigger massive deaths following radioactive fallout. Our government has had enough time and resources to prepare us better but they haven’t so we have to consider the real reason why that is even if it’s disturbing.

Has society been set up for a fall while the ‘powers that be’ have other plans for themselves? Ultimately the elite aren’t God even if they think they are so keep in mind there’s control over control and they clearly have their own worries with regards to the changes in the Sun. What are those specific worries? How can we turn the tables by deepening our own spiritual connection to the Sun so when the staged events do occur, we are already tapped into a field of energy more powerful than the war propaganda that follows major world events either manufactured or naturally occurring.

Solar spirituality is missing from our day and age but a revival of this information is chicken soup for the soul. If the world’s biggest secret is that the Sun’s activity boosts our soul voltage and potential, then we have more focused inner and outer work ahead of us, even during periods in which wars, and depressions are brought home to roast at our doorstep.

The ‘ascension’ in literal terms parallels the rapture theory and while I don’t subscribe to those ideas of the future, I don’t discount the power of the Sun to be at the core of such a event if in fact that is set to occur. Or other major divine light interventions from the true creator.

It’s always been my suspicion that humanity may choose to connect with the power of the Sun in the future in order to free itself from a horrible evil coming upon and after the species. In doing so and raising their own moral and spiritual caliber, they will seek to communicate with that which created us all. In doing so, healing may occur. In the meantime, ongoing solar activity even during the solar minima continues to trickle charge our inner batteries for use when the time is right.