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The Study of The Sun with regards to Survival, Research and Spirituality


Alex Ansary – OTBTV. NET

I’m more on the spiritual path than anything else but I’m a bit of all of those things at once at all times, surviving a world on my own in the woods without the luxuries of modern socialization or acceptance by a peer group of contemporary society. (Video at bottom of page).

The ideas are too outside the box for even well established areas of niche interest. I’ve been many things to many people in a world where perception is different from person to person. That can be good or bad.

Experience has taught me that it can be challenging to present all sides of myself to all people at the same time. Often there are misunderstandings or disappointments if someones research and views don’t fit in a box or area of specialty that doesn’t deviate into other studies or views. Neither I nor my ideas have ever fit calmly and neatly into a box so I wont attempt it now but to embrace the different sides of myself present in ideas expressed about our Sun.

One cannot be all things to all people. I learned that years ago when leaving Portland but the idea was reinforced, as I continued to share my outside the box views with an online audience, that many people are not going to accept all those sides of myself regardless of the day and age. However there are periods in the solar cycle when people are more receptive to new ideas or the frequencies of high energy beings or outside the box thinkers.

For example one decade might be very unsuccessful for a certain city to have a new eclectic restaurant that fuses the best ingredients from the east to the west but times can change things and what was once very unpopular and misunderstood could transform into the most popular restaurant or food cart in town. The same could be said about how humans are valued or their information on any given topic. Society embraces the new ideas when it’s in the cycle in which is ready to understand them. We are getting ready to express what needs to be expressed as we begin the next cycle.

In the cycles of my life or the various lifetimes within my lifetime, I have experienced periods where the focus may have leaned more towards one of these labels as if I was meant to fully know what it was like to play that role, and then to evolve beyond it by walking away from it or ending one means of expressing myself or living in a certain way.

For example, in the early years of OTBTV I leaned more towards research with clear spiritual overtones in my message yet there was still much room for personal life improvement as well as completing my plans to escape Portland, Oregon, the movie that hasn’t been made but probably should. Later in life, personal survival of mind body and spirit took priority as economics, civil unrest and other factors contributed to periods of research and production taking a backseat. In the same way that the Tibetan Buddhist monk may create a work of art through a Mandala and then to brush it away signifying the changing nature of all things, I walked away from previous media platforms, more than one, in order to express that other less expressed or fulfilled side of myself waiting to experience new teachings and understandings.

While residing in Dallas, Texas In the summer 2012, ‘Doomsday Preppers’ contacted me about potentially appearing on their program but they wanted to know more about my plans. Solar flare researchers will recall that the earth was almost hit with a monster X class solar flare around July so maybe they were subconsciously also responding to the changes by looking for more extreme kinds of characters. The producers weren’t interested in continuing to discuss a show appearance further after asking me for a list possible weapons and quantify of stored food. Perhaps my commentary on having more faith in the creator than a weapon or a massive food supply was the comment that lost their interest. Various potential media contacts would come and go in my life, mostly go in response to the spiritual commentaries on the nature on the soul bound to this world and our need to align with the true light of this world in order to evolve beyond the matrix. Years later I would come to appreciate that my honest nature alienated those that has opposing value systems and motivations.

In turn, spirituality and faith in the cosmos or ‘great spirit’ aka God was explored more within me as my travels progressed. The turnover of those desiring to be in my inner circle of trusted friends began to flux with acceleration synced closely with other inner changes in my own perception and content. Without the trusted allies I desired in my corner or community, I was forced to explore the dimension of firm belief in my ability to survive dangerous situations most people never take the chance to experience. I believed that my media activism and outreach was cosmically aligned with the right path for my soul. A mission, if you will, to be a asset to the supreme creator of all that is was all the understanding I needed to reside unarmed in the southern Colorado desert without fear of a number of potentials manifesting. The sub zero degree temperatures in a shelter without conventional heating or firewood not only connected me more intimately with the warm Sun each day as it rose, I discovered my own ability to remain warm enough through my own means in a world where most assume one would freeze to death.

When I discovered that the world didn’t care much about what I was able to survive or overcome with less, new research flooded into me through the life experience and data online that spiritually society was hurting and very out of touch with the natural ways. I would then see clearly in society how clothing attire and facebook avatars are often used in society to project one’s self as a lightworker, a ‘woke’ person, a mask to project one’s ego through the digital social media spectrum.

Facebook would soon be seen as the ultimate drain on energy and focus as the platform seems to promote obsessions with rotating political memes and tiny house pictures from others, taking ‘living vicariously through others’ to a whole new trans-humanistic level.

Faced with the experiences and ideas falling on deaf ears, the experience of life’s judgment helped me to align with the true forces of the cosmos and creation at the core of our universe which I now consciously serve with intention. 

Proper alignment with the true light that we serve helps the philosopher to survive societies wrath.

You could say t that he recent cycles of my life has shown a progression in prime areas of focus from the initial research phase, to the more direct survival experience while living off the grid away from conventional luxuries of society, to where I’m going now in the next cycle. The power of our spiritual ability to collectively create a better outcome in the coming solar cycle bears a greater focus having given research, media outreach, public speaking, and survival so much of my energy the last 15 years.

Spirituality, research into current events, independent media activism, supernatural studies, off grid living, survival training, even gardening… in many ways play off each other in a world where all things under the Sun are interconnected. Some people aren’t going to make that connection. The nature of our world and society is to treat people that are different, however they are, with a sense of judgment for failing to conform to the social norms of the day. This includes belief systems.

One faulty belief system humans hold in this world is that the arena of solar studies are only for scientists and other professionals. Tell that to the native Americans and every other group that came before this civilization that discovered before we did, a connection between the sun and various alignments, technologies, and understandings of reality. This is my answer to a question about my sources: My inner guidance is my source. It’s what lead me to the research and topics I cover and to remain on those key areas of study never claiming to have all the answers or to possess a specific title or degree or education. In fact, I have a lot of questions and in time the answers will find our questions when the time is right. Its about seeking and being on the path that will magnetically attract the truth to find us wherever we are.

The Sun itself has a spiritual side, a side full of data and charts about how we know it affects our society, and a side worthy of considering if we want to a survival the changes it brings to our planet.

To truly get the big picture is to make the most out of turning this knowledge into wisdom. It can empower our lives forward into evolving into the new step for humanity and our soul if we align ourselves back into the natural way of life placing the Sun at the center of our reality, not the outside. The ego must come to terms where it feels threatened by the existence of data confirming a synchronization between solar activity and human activity. One can start at one polarity of solar research and find themselves in a spiritual experience when they discover how interconnected everything is. My ebook starts with studies about the changes happening in other planets to help people understand it isn’t only earth where our climate and magnetic are changing. As above so below.

Understanding that this Sun is a common factor in all around change in our universe is not the same thing as worshiping or sacrificing things to the Sun or endorsing the armies of darkness that have for more than a millennia marched on the earth exporting destruction of the earth and it’s people while carrying symbols of the Sun on their flags and uniforms to bring them good luck. The reality is that misusing the natural forces of nature for evil always returns evil to the creator of the mischief.

Therefore the knowledge of the Sun and how it affects our reality and how we can harness the power of the Sun is a closely guarded secret. The Sun continues to be used as a good luck charm by spiritual forces using the power of government and military might to fulfill their path. Humanity’s next level of evolution could be marked by realizing the errors of civilizations ways in a more conscious way and including the expression of open public dialogues among the people of earth regardless of race, language or country or origin. A interconnected research community working to use this data for the highest good would truly be a group soul in disguise trying to free itself from the madness of ignorance and the misuse of power.

A more enlightened society in the future would do well to take the best knowledge available about the Sun and attempt to brainstorm together as focused groups and think tanks that have left their competitive egoistic nature aside so they can determine how the information can best be applied to help society move forward in a time of civilization’s collapse. Research into ways people are surviving life without the grid at present could be it’s own spiritual experience as one frees themselves from the grid itself, their consciousness may too choose to pull back from the consensus reality. However, few go that far to disconnect from the hive mind collective and popular political thought form narratives that now carry a energetic life of their own. Political obsessions that lead to divisions are fundamentally opposed to healthy prepared societies ready to deal with any disaster from man made to natural, small to magnificent.  

As civilization is humbled by major changes in the Sun’s radioactive output, so too can the human soul be as we free ourselves from looking beyond what’s around us for life itself. What we are being taught to fear in the mainstream media, and much of the alternative online press, are not always the things we should fear. How do we know that the possible coming changes in the Sun might be about to give our misdirected civilization a much needed reset and period of healing and spiritual growth and perhaps not as much material growth which previously our collective society received a abundance of. Crop production can be seen as one form of this material manifestation our generation has been blessed with that might soon be in jeopardy. The changes of the Sun continue to bring various frequencies and vibrations of various highs and lows throughout both the maxima and minima portion like a perfect yin / yang sphere symbol of life’s dual nature.