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The Emergence of the New Caste System in the Western World


(Originally written on January 4, 2009)

Officially we do not have a caste system in this country. When you say the words ‘caste system’ people usually think about developing countries such as India in a land far, far away.

With the global economy in free fall and good jobs becoming harder to find, our world is rapidly morphing into something new. The way some people choose to relate to others who perceive to be below them seems to be worsening. The gap between the have and have-nots has grown so distinct that it is now easier to see how people in the highly competitive workplace are already living in a de-facto caste system.

We have always had somewhat of a pecking order throughout human history. A society where there’s somebody on the top and bottom, this is nothing new. Hierarchies have always been around, it seems to be a part of our cellular memory. However, many people believe that in the United States we are supposed to rise above the caste system and truly discover the American Dream if we are willing to work hard enough to achieve it.

Now that it appears could be going into a depression, meaning that times are changing very quickly.

The extreme nature of the economic downturn is drastically putting a strain on the emotions of everyday Americans and the worse is yet to come.

When either animals or humans are backed up against the wall, fight or flight kicks in and sometimes they strike out. In a way, we are already being herded against the wall and robbed. Unfortunately, the bulk of the population isn’t striking out at the globalist Shepards’ but rather at each other.

Today I see a culture in crisis, that is facing a turning point. We are living in a global society where the people are being socially engineered to turn on each other when times get rough and life gets tough. We’re in a culture where it’s become increasingly common to judge one another by appearance, their level of income, and perceived class.

The population has been conditioned by the system to the point that they run faster on the hamster wheel, for fewer and few peanuts without asking basic questions like…

Why is this happening?

What’s the big picture?

Why is this meltdown global?

Are we really all alone in this?

Why do we feel so separated or isolated from each other at a time when we should be working together to solve the common problems?

Caste systems exist in our world and society because they have been created in the minds of men and women, who WILL them into manifestation.

We feel it in the school system, at work, as we pass each other on the street, as we pass the homeless. This is a part of the matrix, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is a world where people constantly judge one another.

For better or for worse, we create our own reality collectively. It is our body, mind and spirit that must will a new reality into existence. A reality where more cooperation and less competition can exist but it is going to take some serious work and effort.

We should not judge others or ourselves based on income or material possessions. That is how we have been programmed into the matrix. It is not reality. It based on a value system we inherited, not one that is originally ours.

In the end, many may find themselves in the same boat, unemployed and frightened about the coming changes. There is no point in thinking that one person is better than another based around illusionary caste systems or perceptions. Being jealous of anyone one person will continue to be a draining experience for anyone trapped in that pit. Our energy is precious and we are running out of time. The true revolutionaries will be seeking new ways to bring unity to the masses as we attempt to lift ourselves up from the ashes of the approaching economic storm and crisis.

We are the cusp of a new era of time where our survival depends of the creation of a new paradigm, a new sustainable world where the new growing lower class will need to work together to build a better, fair and humane country without flying under the guise of communism or socialism.

In the coming years, there will be great opportunities to move beyond delusional caste systems and the many walls that separate us. The global trillion dollar bank and industry bailouts are being engineered to benefit the few, while enslaving the populations of the world to a mere existence as a wage slaves, working frantically to pay off the debt.

It is not unlikely that we will have to learn to survive with less, a lot less. Some of us will be reverting back to basics for a more wholesome existence on this planet where our happiness does not rely on our income. We will be choosing to grow our own food, gather our own water, most of all, expand our social base and truly get to know those around us that may end up being our allies in the near future.