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Solar Eclipse Brings more than Glasses, Traffic and Campers


Eclipses Bring World Shifts / Personal Life Changes (Using Recent Life Example)

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>h2>Keeping it Together during the Total Solar Eclipse Season – Which Brings Many Life Changes…

A lot of change comes into our world. For me It’s marked by losing my online job and now youtube is demonizing many of my videos as the world is engulfed in civil unrest and fears of global warfare. At the same time, Im finishing critical projections that are important to me and looking to start new adventures.

Preparing Solar Flare PDF for Release as the Eclipse Energies Bring Great Change to our World

Have you noticed the great changes taking place either in the world or in your own personal lives as the eclipse arrives? My oh my am I feeling in now in my own life more NOW than ever. Its beyond words but Im working to make the best of a complicated situation and let my spirit rise to the occasion of such great challenge!