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Race Baiting Amerikan Style


One Woman was posting pictures of naked white women on crosses many decades or years back and is and screaming ‘the Islamists’! Others are going off on other tangents based false or misleading reports. From conspiracy theory to full on white supremacy. Its taking some of you. Not all. Some. Not All. Some. Not all. Some. Did you catch that?
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Now lay down your spartan 300 viking sword of offensive action and read on.

When I see the posts, I send them a message letting them know they are playing a role in a coming race war when non muslims will or may end up targeted or put in a camp. They then go to block and I never speak to them again.

I also notice that a demographic of white people, an aspect the so called pure blonde blue eyes (older and younger females) fall for it the most. I don’t see as many other racial demographics falling for the hoax as intently. We do come loaded with ancestral programming to mate, kill, fight or flight and more. Thus todays propaganda, staged events and controlled ISIS terror cells are there to active the primitive mammalian war gene at this time.

It seems a fraction of those with a certain genetics that truly believe they are supreme in a DNA sense, are the most concerned about a world with less full blooded aryans. I also call bullshit on the idea of white genocide. Have you walked in my shoes in Portland as a non Irish, Scottish, English man?

I lived through the brown genocide of Portland Oregon (as escaped it obviously) thank you very much where non whites were slowly pushed out of society and their homes if they could not afford the premium that the ‘hip whites’ from SF, LA, Seattle, NYC, etc could.

So leave the racism and the false claims that seeing the programming in others is racist. That’s a special kind of stupid however its popularity and use amongst this targeted individual demographic has reached a viral level. White people rape white people ALL the time and they like to simulate it and put on porno for the internet. Muslims aren’t involved in that commercial world. White people are and willing white women willing to play those roles. How is this not in the conversation about this false narrative about the false violent rapist Islamic invasion? What about America’s deep kinky world? Oh no, we wont go there. Oh no we wont go there Kinky America with your James Dean porn stars and his massive female fan audience base.

When a less than fully pale white person speaks about white racist, people freak on the non fully pale half white person calling them racist. IN-SAN-IT-Y on ‘human asylum growth hormone’. They also do strange things like put words in mouth like all whites were slandered. Women do this alot when they hear criticism of unconscious female behavior. All of a sudden they come rushing to the defense of the person engaging in actions they engage in. Likewise only racists and people that do seem themselves as genetically superior to me will become violently upset as their ancestral programming is activated and their inner reptilian awakens.

Others GET IT.

It is not racist for me to point out the racist in others, the fear in others and to highlight how a demographic of white blonde haired blue eyes America is behaving like a targeted individual. There are non whites on board the racist (blacks and hispanics) that are desperate to be accepted by mainstream white america. So they will bobble their heads, agree and many will don the unforms of the system. ‘THEY’ are somebody now. Yah. Something to write home about. A brown mans success in a white woman/mans world. Horrah! Acceptance! (sarcasm)

Older women that have been traumatized by their own media, government and bad husbands or boyfriends or other seem the most affected because they appear to lack real love in their life, a genuine understand of the new world order, psychical intimacy and are clearly affected adversely by fake news and facebook addition. Substance abuse issues involving chain smoking, chronic marijuana ADDITION, alcoholism, consumerism, and PILL POPPING has also troubled todays older and younger American woman.

Ive talked about my father enough. My moms side is a full aryan side, Germanic and blonde haired, blue eyed. And you are damaged upstairs if you think my mother didnt get shit for bring in a half Afghan into the earth. You are damaged if you don’t know that. DAMAGED. BLUNTED. REGRESSED. HELD BACK.

So I have every fucking right to talk about how a demographic of white America is under mind control and has been groomed to buy into racial supremacy and to see something wrong with people like me. Mixed babies at one point populating the planet from both middle eastern and Germanic blood. Why that frightens the NWO, is beyond me but we all now I have a spirit to me and a brain. How do you know my genetic blend didn’t partially have something to do with that in addition to my soul’s blueprint that came into my mothers womb?

Regardless, im offended by pure blood white supremacy and all forms of it and as a half European line, I can say whatever I want about how a segment of white America has become subject of psychic attack, in addition to other groups put under psychological warfare and baited into responding to the attacks on them and their countries.

Oh yeah, and thanks to my JEWISH friend for a place to park. Go to hell race baiters.