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Prediction: Trump SELECTED 2016 and WW3 with China, Russia



It’s important that I share my thoughts now on the current election and geopolitical situation before things get even more serious.


FOR THE RECORD – (since Spring 2016)

I have predicted that Donald Trump is the elite’s real selection. The meme that ‘the establishment hates Trump’ is easily debunked as Trump goes in a more overt pro war Neo con direction following his recent GOP nomination. Now there are all kinds of military leaders (both former and current) and on board the Trump train ride that is straight from hell.


I believe that the recent coverage regarding Hillary Clinton is by design to force voters into the arms of Donald Trump. From ear pieces being ‘caught on camera’, to extreme coughing fits that have turned her health into a top story, we are looking at events that are staged in order to further enhance certain popular political narratives that have a more pop culture, drama driven reality-tv-nature than real information or news.

To make matters worse, Hilary’s move to marginalize the alternative media as ‘ALT RIGHT‘ (sounds like Third Reich some say) only further makes Trump appear to be a messianic savior to this particular demographic of researchers, activist, constitutionalists, etc. It’s as if everything is going according to plan….

 I do not see her as appealing to the masses, nor do I see any honest attempts to act like a REAL candidate and gain REAL support.

I do not see Hillary for President bumper stickers and I have only seen one Trump sign in the last few months. It seems most people would rather not admit they are supporting either.

On the other end of the controlled paradigm, the disturbing rhetoric from Trump has triggered many unaware voters in the direction of Clinton. This has lead many observers to take a position that Trump has been running the entire time while secretly planning to ‘Rose Perot’ and step down before election time.

Trump has previously donated to the Clinton Foundation as has Vladimir Putin



I believe the movements we are seeing from Hillary Clinton are in line with someone falling on her sword or something akin to a mafia controlled basketball player whose job is to win or lose by a certain margin.

I would also like to remind readers that the establishment media has made her email controversy a top trending story or purpose. If google hates Hillary, why is google news constantly informing us of her blatant corruption?

To further enhance the narrative to the people that the establishment backs Hillary, we saw a botched FBI investigation that clearly was rigged in her favor despite the obvious wrongdoings.


In the eyes of many, Hillary Clinton one of the world’s top super political criminals, and only the Trump train can stop her.


The irony here is Donald Trump’s previous appearances on the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

And didn’t Alex Jones get his name shouted out by a wrestler  LIVE on the air a few years ago?

I have never taken the position that Bush or Obama are idiots, and I am not of the position that Hillary has genuine cognitive impairment…at least to the likes of what has been suggested by both the mainstream AND alternative media. In fact, I strongly suspect that much of how they present themselves to the public is well planned in advance. It’s extremely obvious that this is occurring each time Putin and Obama meet and put on their latest mock of a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) styled stare down.

NWO front men put on show for the public. In truth they are allies in global government and staged managed proxy wars.
NWO front men put on show for the public. In truth they are allies in global government and staged managed proxy wars.

Donald Trump is in no way a member of the truth movement. The recent endorsement by Alex Jones told us more about the ‘NEW ALEX JONES‘ and who he’s actually serving rather than proving and documenting (with facts) that Donald Trump is a man of truth, honor or integrity. Not only that, my concerns about Infowars being pro Russia (or operating as a Russian agent, among other possible groups, societies) have only been strengthened (however not verified).

In my opinion, the Clinton campaign has hijacked genuine concerns about a (NWO connected) Putin, Jones, Trump alliance and their influence/infection of today’s American alternative media.

The concerns are very reasonable (and not new) and should be investigated further. Unfortunately, what Clinton is doing (by design) is contaminating this conspiracy truth.

It’s the ultimate ‘turd in punch bowl’ analogy.

But it doesn’t mean it’s not truth. In addition, Clinton pointing her finger at Alex Jones appears more of a promotional boost for Jones, who I feel is a embarrassment and a proven liability to the truth movement. The man does not represent us but THEY are bringing him and his actions into the mainstream lime light and suggesting that he is. This will prove to be a growing problem as time goes on.


Since 2008 I have predicted a 3rd world war involving China, Russia and the United States with additional interference from their allied forces following in lock step. Below is a 2009 interview with Joel Skousen, author of ‘Strategic Relocation’.


The time period in which I see this coming war is the post 2020s, culminating around the year 2025 or the peak of the next solar cycle (see my work on solar cycles and cycles of war for more info.)  Also, in 2008  I interviewed to a man that has had reoccurring dreams of a Chinese, Russia invasion that he began to have at the age of 10. While most laugh off the idea of prophetic dreams, there’s actually a fair amount of Americans that have blogged about such dreams of a catastrophic event.  I simply happen to believe that the coming war is by design, and they indeed to control an outcome that I believe will expand global government to the likes we have never seen.


The timing of this ‘Trump Deception’ for the controlled right follows a deception for the controlled left with the election of Obama in 2008 and his reelection in 2012. In many ways I see similarities in both Trump and Obama – campaigns built on slogans of change and “shaking things up” when in reality they are serving a system that has selected them for their roles to co-opt both the left and right sections of today’s society.


Trump has presented himself a candidate that will take the fight even further into the middle east under the guise of fighting ISIS (with Saudi, Israeli, Russia, Chinese and other governments backing the war expansion in the middle east).

Despite all his statements, Trump has managed to successfully marketed himself to countless members of the American alternative media.  I don’t know that the alternative media will ever be the same again and without a doubt, more deceptions are coming that may further divide us.

The truth is that Trump has numerously telegraphed his intentions to play tough with China and Russia.

It is for this reason (and others i will later share) that I believe Trump has been pre-selected as a World War candidate and that is the real reason Putin supports the rise of Trump (who like Obama) will give China and Russia a geopolitical advantage over the West’s seemingly military incompetence.

And what will Trump’s currency war with China do to the dollar?

What I see before us is a careful scripted theater of rigged war where the victor of World War 3 has already been decided, and I don’t believe it is the United States. Instead I look to the East that received much of its advanced technology from the west.

Whoever is selected in 2016 will (by design) take America into a new dark age by provoking a physical and economic war that it will not win.

 Is it that hard to see his role in a economic, currency war with China followed by a real life hot war?

In addition, Iran is becoming a “threat” again.

And how will Trump really respond to Putin in Ukraine? Time will tell.

Out of the ashes of the controlled chaos, a official declaration of the updated structure of the New World Order is likely to be announced world wide following the theater of world war.

The events unfolding today are taking us there in light speed.

to be continued…