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Permit Patty is the Face of America but it’s not her Fault, America made Millions of her


Where are the ‘Permit Patty’ masses to be upset about people without permits being kicked off their land as is happening in counties across Colorado and other states?


Land use codes are a leading cause of new reasons for homelessness as government cracks down on living in freedom and privacy.

Now all your neighbor has to do in most counties is report on you if you are living in a RV without a permit or septic system forcing one into homelessness if they have no other location to relocate to. In other words, the act of conspiring with government officials using codes and regulations to regulate someone out of existence is as immoral as rape and homicide as homelessness can force someone into living alongside dangerous situations without help from others.

The media and angry masses are using Patty for their witch hunt against runaway government policies while remaining silent over the years about their fellow Americans being forced off their land or about children overseas that don’t end up living beyond a certain age because their people have been demonized as terrorists.

Its true that Patty acted in a control freak manner and represents a human overtaken by the archonic interference in human affairs. However,  Patty is America, exactly the same kind of America that’s actually celebrated where Homeowners Association ‘archons’ (Ancient Greek word for ruler) rule over people’s private decisions regarding their properties appearance, rules that specifically dictate who leaves and who stays in communities across America. I got news for you America, #PermitPatty didn’t start this fire.

There are Permit Patty’s EVERYWHERE and yes, hypocrites as they may do things without permits as Patty reportedly sells marijuana without a permit, according to new details.  This is also a story about a power tripping pot head destroying the ridiculous stereotype that pot makes one more consciousness. As a lifelong smoker interacting with others that smoke, that’s not true. The claim of higher consciousness or of being significantly less susceptible to government sanctioned propaganda  is pure image for those stuck in ego or the illusions of separation. Smoking cannabis does not make someone kinder in my experience automatically as in the recent political cycle I have come across many pot growers that also believe in “Kill em all” world views regarding foreign policy. They are just a bit stoned to act on their statements perhaps.

They are here in droves locally in my off grid Colorado community and they have become more concerning that the government in a matter of only a few years.  Thank you Alex Jones and the modern facebook news feed.

Remember, if one is cold hearted by nature and a natural supporter of authority figures aka ‘archons’, smoking a herb won’t fix that automatically but could in some cases enable their apathy regarding the victims of war or others that are victimized as they enjoy their ‘buzz’. As long as they aren’t immediately affected or their immediate perception of tribe.  I’m glad marijuana doesn’t affect me with the same stupor. Sure marijuana may seem to make us less aggressive but it also helps reduce a sense of aggression against injustice or unjust authorities, does that make sense? Take a closer look around at the stoned idol worships of various flavors please. They may use different microphones from different stages. False idols of hope and change they remain.

The average American isn’t very concerned about Americans losing their rights unless it’s their perceived group  or tribe in the crosshairs so most won’t be able to learn as much as they could from studying the multiple angles to this particular story. Most will react with anger and scream for the witch bitch to be burned while kicking their own dirt under the closest carpet on the floor.

Is it really about Patty but rather a sick America in denial that scapegoats a #PermitPatty because it take’s the attention away from their own control freak nature or times where they look the other way while Americans are made homeless in the streets over land use codes and permits?

America didn’t have a lot to say to me after a woman in San Luis Colorado suggested I live more like a human than a pig.  Some of the comments on my video did show anger at her for being hispanic and talking like that while they themselves might support the president speaking in such a tone to others. Hypocrisy strikes again in the comment section from the #MAGA crowd. BTW the #MAGA crowd still cannot provide documentation that Trump supports off grid living for the modern lower income American.

What about the black off gridder by the name of Michael Morris who was asked by the locals why he was there at all trying to relocate from his hometown of Las Vegas? As they called us both “rejects”, he retorted that yes, we are rejects in a world of criminals and sociopaths that dominate the areas in which have fled.

The attitudes she represents transcends discrimination to any particular race and region. She bears the spirit of #PermitPatty in a more cruel way but America had little to say about a grown man being talked to like a piece of trash, or a PIG rather. Maybe they agree with her talking points as its a #PermitPatty American gangsters paradise.

Where was America’s stand against the cruel #PermitPatty spirit then?

They can make Patty the witch of the west all they want but theres a #PermitPatty in the hearts and minds of most Americans from what my life experience has shown me.

They like to use people like her to hide their own shadow self that might at times use  government agencies or forces or militaries or officers against their fellow humans in some form of revenge vibrational frequency be they guilty or innocent. No, Americans dont know anything about…nothing at all about their own inner #PermitPatty (obvious sarcasm).

I contacted the ACLU when poor low income Americans were forced off their land in Costilla County Colorado by land use code officers. A year later they bothered to reply that they weren’t interested at all in helping us.

But let’s just get even more real…. What kind of example is it to promote for young kids to sell WATER for 2 dollars on the street using their youthful looks to see what should be free in theory? Why not just sell some ass with this mindset?

What will be sold on the street tomorrow as their pant size grows and dollar value declines?

We are a hooker and super soldier video game playing generation living off the bones of the dying world, cant we be honest about it? Shits going to happen in the street as the decay builds.  Lets teach the young a better way other than trying to sell water, smoke crack, or dancing on poles. “Here’s your pizza slice sir, that will be 6 dollars.”

How about we have a real discussion about preparing our people and their children for surviving a collapse instead of mocking those that will warn their fellow American?

For the record, the mother seemed to have put her child to work selling the water after she lost her job. As touching as the story might be, it’s actually quite alarming. A child hustling a few marked up bottles of something that should be FREE is no economic solution to whatever that mother is going through in her single mother life living in a apartment in the modern grid of America without a decent paying job -that’s the all American nightmare that keeps on giving.

When do we talk about the real issues in the story like modern single parent households in the USA living like those in the 3rd world? Will their toilets and plumbing stop working next or do we have to wait until their starving children are selling water is 10-20 dollars a bottle?

If you want to talk about racism, wake me when the discussion about the endless wars return and when that’s represented on the mainstream and alternative media.

There are plenty of American minorities screaming about racism while supporting overseas occupations or military employed relatives that have no other purpose other than suppressing those overseas population.

Don’t speak to me about racism of you are silent about others removed violently off the face of the earth FOREVER.