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Op Ed: World War 3 Insane 1984 Double Speak Hits all Time High


In recent days I have seen some of the most outrageous commentary on world war 3 from media commentators that are either totally ignorant or agents of the New World Order attempting to leader their listeners into a bloodbath.

I have never known of a more dangerous time in human history nor history of the digital alternative media as we face the economic depression like fallout following the youtube boycott and collapse of youtube adsense for independent content creators.

I have seen scores of influential members of the media cheering on Trump’s actions in Syria and Afghanistan as a show of strength that is effectively twisting the arm of China to act on North Korea and/or other measures.

This is insane. In no way do I believe China is having it’s arm twisted or forced by the united states. If anything China is playing their card of showing calmness in the face of wild aggression with preparations to act later with Russia in tight  coordination.

It is a pure propaganda ploy to suggest that the United States has a military upper hand on China when China already has a economic upper hand on the United States as it funds our wars AND supplies our military with key technology. After all, China has the monopoly on the rare earth minerals that are commonly found in Afghanistan and mined thanks to the US occupation.

It is painful to watch so many fail to even consider that all the world is a show including the coming war between the United States (and it’s allies) VERSUS China and Russia (and it’s allies).  In the face of such adversity and betrayal without the research community, I see no other solution than to work harder than ever to document the criminal actions of the global military industrial complex.

There are scores of corporations based in the west that have profited from outsourcing our weapons of war. And now they are in the hands of the wrong countries at the wrong time while a nearly bankrupted United States sprawls out in all directions threatening Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and other nations. This Bull in a China Shop routine is by design to bring down the United States.

I would also firmly suggest everyone see Trump as what he is, a globalist puppet sent in to continue what Barack Obama started.

I will also state that by seeing all these misleaders as puppets of agents of a greater system of influence, we can prevent ourselves from being lost in the emotions of this matrix – extreme admiration or hate for those puppets that seek to distract our attention and awareness.

To see them as puppets playing out their role for a  larger global crime syndicate is the key because when they misdirect our consciousness to thinking that Bush acted alone, that Obama acted alone, that Hillary/Soros acted alone, that Trump acted alone, when they have us in that limited framework of consciousness, they have us in the divide and conquer game.

To understand the truth behind world war 3, who behind it, why they are staging it, and what they prepare to offer humanity afterwards (Transhumanistic New World Order) one has to think outside the box of what they once perceived and admit when they were sent on a wild goose chase. Our egos must be arrested now in order to grow and evolve forward with heightened awareness and knowledge.

Its time to zoom out, look again, and see the bigger picture for what is it and save what lives that we can while there is time.