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Off Grid Tribalism 101



A lot of things have changed within society and the off grid movement has very much been affected by the larger tribalism program.

To some its natural to divide into groups based on race but I suspect that is only physical programming (not based in spirit) and some physical programmings are meant to be overcome by powerful spirits.

Its part of breaking free from the matrix. The tribalism I am seeing now is startling and difficult to even speak of but im breaking silence now because its healing to share something traumatic.

Much of this will be used in a future book about my life and thoughts. Expressing the pain of living in a very tribal county in Colorado is needed but also important to leave it out of the youtube videos in some cases.

Discussing tribalism has isolated me from…tribalists. Yeah you see once you actually talk about tribalists from outside their tribe, thats it, your never hanging with that tribe again.

Seriously.. I mean SERIOUSLY. Why did it take me THIS long to see how sociopathic some people are?

The isolation from other humans or a tribe of my own has lead to particular mental stresses that arguably has gotten in the way of applying full energy to my other discussions. Ultimately I am here to help people in some way not just inform or entertain so I am using the current experiences to make me much stronger.

The main chunk of tribalism that I have complained of and felt is a sense that my ethnicity is widely distrusted in this particular geographic part of America and neighborhood but it also mirrors global events. That troubles me. Have we seen the worse of it?

Another in the private forum noticed the hatred seemed to lighten up UNTIL another “terror attack.” How convenient as MSM connects social media and online videos with IS recruitment. So not only is there trouble for those of us in the independent media trying to earn a living producing our own content and running our own websites, there is trouble it seems for anyone labeled a threat by nature.

Many white nationalists have chosen to run with narratives demonizing immigrants of various kinds (esp middle eastern) as serial rapists…some make allegations of immigrants raping women TO DEATH in Sweden. I will tell you, when you are born into the body of a human targeted like this with such hatred, it wakes you up and i am awake. I am awake that I woke up in the incarnation of Nazi Germany and I bear the mark, the DNA, the name, even the content and ideas marked for TERMINATION by the archons of this world. And if the devil of this world takes me out, so be it. If im such a threat to the DEVIL, and they failed to trick ME into self destruction, their hit squad taking me out of this reality will only signify the power of my energy words, deeds and actions (mostly through online video and perhaps in unknown other ways around me). I would take it a compliment and face the bullet without fear of what may come next.

Normal people in normal society dont deal with such thoughts but that is the hand I was dealt. I understand at a deeper level that my independence comes with a price, that includes independent thoughts and ideas and the sharing of such. It doesn’t lead to those lost in the illusions of separation (race, ideas, other) to be drawn to me butrather to be repealed. Its something i have to accept as I have also prayed that evil in human form will be repealed from coming near me in anyway.

I have put out various mantras or affirmations with regards to remaining safe from the demonically possessed and thus in a county with many troubled by the racial tribalism, its lead to a lonely experience.

One things for sure, you cant help off gridders stand up for their property rights if they don’t believe in human rights for others.

Response to this blog at my forum:

“Tribalism is insane. I don’t understand why people represent and stand for there culture. Culture is a man made belief system. And there country is a piece of dirt. And there race is just a combination of genetics. Very narrow minded. I hav seen people literally eat walk talk act think live just like there culture told them to. You see Indians at Indian restaurants Chinese at Chinese restaurants like they are under some kind of spell. How can one culture be better than another culture when every single culture is a man made belief system. Why can’t all cultures share there talents and knowledge with other cultures. Instead they turn it into tribalism and competition. I believe low self esteem is a part of tribalism mind set. Look at me Ima part of something. All of us are on the same page. Or maybe they are afraid to be outside of the box again that seems to be a product of low self esteem. Is it really a crime that your way of viewing things is not influence by any filter such as culture religion or societies expectation? It really has got to a point where any form of diversity outside of the box thinking is mental illness. Apparently thinking for yourself means you are Neo from the matrix.”