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Off Grid Alternative/Independent Media TV is Coming!


Alex Ansary, September 10th, 2016

AlexAnsary.TV is about to get A LOT more active.

My recent history is marked by a great deal of travel since leaving Portland, Oregon for the LAST time in spring 2015. For the first time in a LONG time, I am now settled with a rural place of my own in SW Colorado and am able to make steps forward in both my physical life and my online life as a presenter of information, both controversial subjects and spiritual perspectives on the global world situation.

A new chapter begins for Outside the Box TV and this website this season. Im finally branching out beyond full time living in my RV.


After saving my money and picking up a seasonal restaurant gig in town, I have finally purchased an accessory structure for my off grid property that will provide me both with somewhere better to sleep (once its insulated and outfitted with a wood stove) but (most of all) will provide me with a more suitable space for producing higher quality videos for both my youtube channel and a future VOD (Video on Demand) channel.


The need to migrate future content to a VOD channel partially stems from widespread  problems with youtube’s adsense policies (demonetizing controversial videos using flagged keywords.)

In the meantime, there are a number of things that I must to do to prepare for this winter ahead including stocking up on (at least) month of food and water. Where I now reside, the winters bring snow great enough to prevent travel back and forth into town. I will produce some videos detailing how I’m surviving including how my current solar set up exceeds my current energy demands.

By October of 2016, I will be a launching a series of videos on a daily basis if I am able to obtain a satellite connection on my land which (with my credit) is going to run 500 dollars for the installation. My hour long program OTBTV will resume and air again in Portland Oregon on cable access.

hughesnet2While pricey and some would say is less important than a wood stove, I am focused on setting up a functional situation for myself where I now reside that will allow me to survive off the grid this winter in Colorado while providing fresh and new content on a regular basis, including breaking news and commentary from other authors, speakers.

If you would like to submit content for this site, you may contact me at alex_ansary@hotmail.com or alexansary6@gmail.com. Also at http://www.facebook.alexansary.tv.

The world situation is very heated at present and I have been away from this website for FAR TOO LONG.

I encourage you to hit the donate button and help me expand my work while we still have a voice…and a chance.

– Alex Ansary
September 10th, 2016