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Observing the WWE can teach you about Fake Elections and Media Figures


Im serious.  After years of real research I can look back at old school professional WWE wrestling and see the New World Order programming as men put on a aggressive act that can harm their health and lives for money alone.

You really can learn a lot from the WWE and how the crowds will be entertained by a fake fight even when later told it’s fake.

I am entertained by old school WWE but the more I learn about the NWO, the more I see it’s messages and themes in the WWE.

I won’t watch the content after the 90s due to the overuse of Satanic themes and wrestlers. I watch the old school stuff for comic relief to deal with this so called real world. I watch no other pop culture for entertainment on my hours off.

How does so called professional wrestling remind you of some larger figures in the alternative media when in fact their are serving a mainstream media agenda?

Is that why they operate out of a compound deep behind enemy territory, to keep their friends – I mean enemies closer?

And now the picture becomes more clear?

I was aware of the Illuminati influence over the WWE for years.

It was the death of the ultimate warrior that shook me to my core.

Watch the following videos and later find out what he said about the WWE before he was invited back to later find himself dead the day after his HALL OF FAME speech where he cryptically talks about the death of the warrior.

The WWE made edits to the final speech of the Warrior on their youtube channel.

As I complete this blog, I see for the first time that WWE becomes WW3 when you reverse the E.

In 2003 they ran with the motto RAW IS WAR.   Yes indeed.

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