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Joe Anonymous on Dealing with Gang Stalking/Trolls/Psychic Attack


As stressed in the video, many things that people believe is “(human sourced) gang-stalking” may in fact be malevolent spiritual entities that are toying with the human being that may feel that they are a TI or targeted individual being harassed only by government agencies (as they may not believe other possibilities are possible).

As discussions about archons increase on the web (and within society), its important to be on the mission for the truth as to what powers we do have to protect ourselves (and potentially much more such as mentally counter attacking the source of the attack).

This is a topic that I am going to come back to – if you would like to share your thoughts on gangstalking, psychic protection, the gnostic myth, or anything else – feel free to do so in the comment section.

For the record, I do believe that physical technologies can be used to target certain people but not that everyone that claims to be a “gangstalking victim” has their own team of dozens to hundreds of physical human beings assigned to stalk at them, bump into them, or sabotage them – instead this very psychosis appears to me to be a genuine archon psychic attack which includes distorting reality, creasing a sense of terror and helplessness –

My hope is that people suffering from psychic archon attack may come to understand that the false believe that hundreds are monitoring them as role play actors in their person life (Think Truman Show) may be a very clear symptom of a implanted fear.

I do however believe that most of mankind is under full scale psychic attack from something that is working to penetrate, infiltrate and hack our consciousness.

More on this subject will follow in the future.