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Jack Pruett on Annunaki’s Grandest Deception (2011)


Alex Ansary interviews Jack Pruett about his book on the Grandest Deception over humankind. From his books description on Amazon:

“Over the last 30 years, an outstanding author and researcher named Zecharia Sitchin has written a total of nine books which describe a race of ancient beings who came to Earth about 450,000 years ago. These books go into great detail about these beings and their activities on Earth. Sitchin’s books are based on ancient tablets found in Mesopotamia, the lands of the Garden of Eden described in the Bible. The Grandest Deception is a book that is based on Sitchin’s work and the Bible; it describes how the ancient tablets and the Bible are related to current events. The Grandest Deception describes how the Earth was created and how mankind was created. It also describes the conditions that mankind will face during the New World Order; as well as the fate of mankind if we continue down the path that we are presently on.”