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Domestic Military Drills Increasing – Exclusive Video of Drill in AZ (2012)

020301-N-3995K-011 U.S. Navy Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL (Mar. 1, 2002) -- Chief GunnerÕs Mate Shaune Thorton uses ÒInstructional TrainingÓ (IT) exercises as one of the tools available to him as a Recruit Division Commander. The sole purpose of IT for a Navy recruit is to correct substandard performance within a division. U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Preston Keres. (RELEASED)

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Alex Ansary – UNN Newsroom

There’s been an unusually high number of reports international war games taking place recently while new details about troops training on American soil are now emerging.

Troops have just been seen patrolling the streets in ELKO NEVADA. UNN Newsroom contributing reporter Greg Knight has sent us exclusive video he captured of the drill.

Also this week, Canadian and American troops trained together at an Army base in Idaho. Around 700 members of the Canadian Army Reserves 39 Brigade Group and the Arizona Army National Guard trained on tactics, techniques and procedures at the Idaho National Guard’s Orchard Combat Training Center.

Canada is a part of the NATO collation in Afghanistan and the press releases stress that the exercise, known as Cougar Salvo 2012, is to give the Canadian and American troops the opportunity to train in conditions similar to those they could face overseas.

Earlier this year video surfaced online of Canadian troops blowing up the house of an Afghan villager only to entertain themselves.

There is obvious concern with a unusually high number of headlines about foreign troops training on American soil and that COMBINED. The DHS and USDA have purchased an estimated 750 million rounds of Ammunition.

Now Idaho is already training the air force of Singapore at Mountain Home Air Force base. In reference that Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley “This is the latest step in a long and fruitful relationship between the two militaries.

They’ve also trained recently on a military base Indiana.

Between March 8th and the 25th of this year, Over 250 Canadian Soldiers of the 31st Canadian Brigade Group out of Ontario, Canada were immersed in a realistic urban warfare scenario during the Arrowhead Lightning exercise held at Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex in Butllerville, Indiana.

These drills are seek and destroy missions for accused enemy combatants possibly in American as the details of the drill show.

Upon arrival, the soldiers immediately took to the task of training with Muscatatuck’s Wolf Operations Battalion in urban warfare, using facilities at Atterbury to include a live-fire drill in several small, urban complexes.

After training at Camp Atterbury, the soldiers moved south to Muscatatuck. The training there began at 4 a.m., and the Canadian soldiers flew in on helicopters and had to navigate through wooded terrain under rain and darkness to an objective where simulated enemies had taken a foothold in two large adjacent buildings.

Soldiers had to gain fire superiority by setting up machine gun positions in a parking garage next to the two buildings and provide cover fire for their comrades as they infiltrated the building, practicing explosive-breaching techniques they had just learned at Atterbury the week before.

After they finished searching the building, they found that many of the enemies had escaped to the second building via an underground tunnel connecting the two. Soldiers were forced to close the tunnel and start all over again, infiltrating yet another large building and searching room-to-room for the enemies. The battle went on for several hours.

Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center has the reputation of a premier training facility and mobilization station for American troops and become world renowned as a training site for military, civilian and police forces. Last Summer’s multinational, NATO-led Bold Quest exercise hosted foreign forces from over a dozen counties.