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Break the Spell and Believe You are Protected (2010)


Our World is in a time of transition; our minds go where our thoughts take it. We are all just energy, positive or negative the choice is ours we create our own reality. A positive attitude and perspective is the real secret which will heal our wounds. Truth is the light, Love is in my heart and I am working to help share my blessings with others. We are all connected in a matrix as we pull down the barriers of our past which has been veiled for our own mental purity. Now we understand the forces are calling us to work for the light and use the negative energies rebuking them not allowing the to have control. Our reality is we are Free, living in a Free Republic not a Demonocracy. God is omnipresent; is not just a statement, it is a fact. I am asking everyone to be aware of our Choice we do have and our true power to be happy. To be happy is to accept the truth as it is and work toward the goal of becoming one. Not to allow Love to be tainted with corporate infiltrators, buying and paying for spin and lies. Our freedom is Truth, we have been blessed with the opportunity to learn more than any other time in history take the truth and share it with as many peoople as possible. This is our Freedom. True Freedom!