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ANTIFA Attacks Trump Supporters in Portland


The author of this blog does not support the Trump administration but the actions of ANTIFA seem like actions designed to  boost the numbers of those Marching for Trump that will fight back with their fists not just the youtube comment section.

ANTIFA members seem 100 percent unconscious of their actions and how it can be seen as insulting to minority groups.

As a former Portland access tv personality, I was often called a cop or federal government agent for not getting behind protesters that blocked traffic or caused property damage.

I saw how counterfeit also their compassion is to minority groups. Their compassion is a front for their fascism. Not all Trump supporters seem aware of the white supremacy on the LEFT. If they understood how it really is they would better understand the young fascistic demographic drawn into Antifa to hijack anti fascism narratives and turn it into neo progressive left leaning fascism.

In that world , Antifa will suppress and insult any minority voices critizing their tactics.

Many on the right don’t understand the real left. If they did, they would NOT see the left as compassionate to immigrants but rather opportunists.

Maybe you need to live in one of these areas for a lifetime as a minority activist independent thinker to internalize this truth.

How about a little “forgive them father for they know NOT! what they do” and abstain from giving them the street fight that they are begging for. At the same time, some of the punks deserve a knuckle sandwich.

From attacking cameramen to resisting arrest to stalking peaceful Trump supporters, the actions of these kids is all apart of the controlled chaos to destroy America from within.

You can be against Trump’s actions but also against ANTIFA and continue to be a independent thinker. These lost souls in ANTIFA are doing what they are doing because they are programmed to behave in this manner.

To date, no one has provided evidence of Soros check stubs.

There has been no evidence to put all the blame on Soros and the conspiracy theory is doing little to educate Americans as to how easy it is now to take down America from within and brainwash both sides of politics (LEFT / RIGHT paradigm).

Elite control of the feeds on the social media sites however appears to be the real control on maintaining the controlled chaos and thus information flows to the targeted political demographic groups.

Have you unplugged yet from the matrix?