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Alex Ansary Visits FEMA Region VI, Asks Questions, IDS Taken, DHS Called


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Recorded 12/14/11 in Denton, TX @ FEMA’s Region IV Headquarters

Note: I do not suggest doing this yourself.

Recently I and another concerned Dallas area citzen visited FEMA’s Region VI which is located at 800 S. Loop 288 Denton, TX. The purpose of our visit was to find out what the facility is used for and what it’s not used for. We understand that our government has many of these ‘centers’ around the nation. The recent news about provisions within the new National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 as well as revelations about KBR activating FEMA camps nationwide sparked our initial interest in whether or not there was ‘increased’ activity at this facility.

Note: We had no reason to believe nor suggest that this facility was intended for use of any form of detention, however we felt that as members of the public that we should be informed as to what does go on inside the facility.

We decided to find out for ourselves what it would be like to try and interface with some FEMA employees by asking some simple questions.

Our presence alerted security who then proceeded to ask us for identification of which we eventually complied to avoid a complicated and unnecessary situation. Our information was “processed” as we were told by the head of security that a PR spokeswoman was on her way down.

After a half hour wait and continued explanation of our presence, we were greeted by several spokeswomen after they first having a private meeting with a member of the upper management that was overseeing their actions. We were told that this was not a time where a interview could be conducted but that they would contact me later for public tour of the facility including a portion of the underground command center.

Upon departing the facility and heading back to our vehicle parked several blocks away, a homeland security vehicle pulled up next to us with his lights flashing. A texas ranger also appeared from out of nowhere to see if the DHS officer needed backup.

This particular officer was remarkably relaxed over the entire ordeal and noted that there have been a lot of people coming around asking questions. For example last month, this video was posted online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmdMQTDsPzo

The officer made several references to Alex Jones. He mentioned that his brother listens to the Alex Jones radio show and that while a lot of the material ‘seems far out there’, he admitted that somethings may be going on. He went on to say that the last he heard from Alex Jones, he was saying that  the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) amounts  to our very own “secret police.”  He found this  to be humorous.

We left without further incident.

The following account comes from the person that came with me:


“When Alex and I decided to speak to the guard at the FEMA HQ, I dont think either one us had any idea what we were in for. After spending well over an hour being interviewd by internal and external security personal, we were finally met by two females that were brought out to ‘answer’ our questions. We were assured nothing ominous is occurring.

However, the treatment we received and the lack of information given to even the simpliest of questions gave both of us the perception that FEMA personel are not giving us all the answers.

We only asked to see a representative of FEMA to interview, and that caused no less than 7 people from all ranges of security personal from the rent-a-cop at the gate to a Texas Ranger with Homeland Security stopping us after we had already left the facility.

I have to admit, even though I have guarded nuclear weapons in Europe as a Security Police officer in the Air Force, this was one of the most intense moments I have experienced.

If they are not hiding anything, they have at the very least given me the perception that they are. When asked about S.1867, the answer given to us by the press representative was ‘ we cannot comment on that’. At this point, I would not recommend anyone attempting to interview FEMA without forewarning them, they are not prepried for impromptu visits…or questions.

I told Alex before we started, that I truley wanted to believe that FEMA was an organization that was on the good guys side, I am sorry to report, I dont think thats the case. Stay stafe, prepared and vigilant.”