Alex Ansary, a native of Portland, Oregon, launched a television series called ‘Outside the Box’ in 2004 where he discussed controversial local, and international issues; the show ran for seven years with over 300 episodes and around 100 interviews. Dr. Solar interviewed a myriad of well-informed and controversial guests such as Alex Jones, David Icke, Bruce Lipton, Joel Skousen, Michael Tellinger, Jim Marrs, Clyde Lewis, Rosalind Peterson, Arron Russo, Robert Stanley, and many others while producing his Outside the Box television show.
Additionally In 2007, Alex refined his skill in radio broadcasting at Mount Hood Community College. He brought the show online in a radio format to the Republic Broadcasting Network, We the People Radio Network, and the Oracle Broadcasting Network. The radio aspects of his show also ran for seven years. His work takes on a multi-faceted view on our polarized society with topics ranging from cover ups, global surveillance, military drills, cashless societies, solar flares effects on human consciousness, the holographic universe, and the unknown spiritual dimensions.
From September 2010 to February 2011, he helped launch the Portland Preparedness Center, the city’s first retail survival preparedness store for two online Washington State based investors. In September 2011, he relocated to Dallas, TX for a year to host the UNN or Underground News Network. Following this he then had a desire to experience a simple life with more anonymity and delve into an ‘off the grid’ environment, Alex Ansary found himself drawn to the rugged mountainous ranges of San Luis Valley in Colorado which further kindled his passion for a freedom based lifestyle in an off-grid environment and away from the distractions of bustling cities with ever-increasing crime-rates and mental illness.
After surviving a bitterly harsh winter in a basic yurt with only a oil lantern for light in the desserts of San Luis Valley, where he delved further into his work, he returned to Portland in 2014 to tie up loose ends and add closure to his television show. With enhanced insight he rebooted his show Outside the Box TV for an additional year while living in a micro homemade teardrop camper in a city with skyrocketing housing prices and ever-increasing unsustainable gentrification. Thereafter, Alex would return to Colorado to restart his current work. The city becoming an unstable environment with each passing year, was no place for works of a spiritual nature.

Currently, Alex resides on his own small slice of America, still creating philosophy and media with his own spiritual twist with further plans to write his next book to continue his initial research on the Sun titled, SOLAR MAXIMUM: Links to Cycles of war, Societal Change, and Personal Transformation of Consciousness . Alex also has popular articles throughout the web and a publication in Nexus Magazine.

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